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World Chocolate Day offer from Geohoney

Dubai, UAE - June 24th, 2022: Marking World Chocolate Day this July 7th, 2022, Geohoney announces great discounts on honey chocolates to uplift the mood and health of their customers. Over the years, the leading honey brand has been bringing the purest raw honey varieties and honey chocolates to the customers' doorsteps at affordable prices.

Dark, milk or white, all chocolates urge us to practice sweet indulgence every day. From being the best thing to celebrate happiness to a faithful companion enhancing our mood, chocolates are always loved. To satisfy people's sweet cravings, Geohoney leveled up its innovation by bringing honey chocolates, the sweet, aromatic, and healthy variant in its range.

Geohoney's honey chocolate features a lusciously sweet and flavorful combination of smooth milk, cocoa, and 100% raw honey, sure to be a hit amongst chocolate lovers. Mr. Basem Barry, founder & CEO of Geohoney, says that "chocolates are love." So for those who want to win someone's heart or want to know the feelings of others, chocolates are definitely the best gift for them.

We strongly believe that the smooth and rich taste of our honey chocolates has the power to unite people from all over the world. Hence, there is nothing that chocolates cannot win and no ache that chocolates cannot cure! And to celebrate this healthy and inimitable treat, we celebrate World Chocolate Day with great discounts for our customers.

When Is World Chocolate Day Celebrated?

World Chocolate Day, also known as International Chocolate Day, is celebrated worldwide on July 7th annually. This is the day to express love & delight in the rich, aromatic taste of chocolates. No matter what age, people observe this day with great enthusiasm.

Chocolate found its way to Spain as early as the 16th century through Hernan Cortes, who discovered cocoa. Later on, the popularity of chocolates soon spread to other parts of Europe and with growing years across the world. Earlier it was an expensive treat, restricted to the upper-middle class. Still, as cocoa production has increased, people are now enjoying a wide variety of chocolates at budget-friendly prices.

This World Chocolate Day, Geohoney brings an exciting discount of a flat 25% on all chocolate products so that everyone can enjoy the self-indulgence of this rich delicacy. The brand offers honey chocolates that taste good and are healthy. Made from 100% pure & raw honey and cocoa, these chocolates prove wonders for the overall heart health as well. These sweet treats have the ability to uplift the mood, cure sore throat, increase concentration, and many more. Be it the birthday, anniversary, festival, or any other occasion, these honey chocolates are just the best to make the bond stronger, sweeter and healthier with family & friends.

Geohoney's mission is to protect the bees and nature and keep people healthy with their natural products. Whether it is the honey chocolate or raw honey varieties, the brand delivers only the best, purest, and finest quality products to facilitate collaborative relationships with people and create a true environment system change.

Enjoy the day to the fullest. Happy Chocolate Day to All! Stay fit & healthy forever.

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