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World Nature Conservation Day offer

Dubai, UAE - July 21, 2022: World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated on 28th July every year by people across the world. This year the theme is cutting down on plastic usage. To raise awareness and bring people together to support nature, Geohoney is celebrating this day with a special discount on all available products.

Though the history & origin of this day is not known, it has become essential to create attentiveness to the management and utilization of natural resources among people. Conservation is the principle of use and protection of natural resources. It is significant for both sustainable and non-environmentally friendly energies. And the ongoing conditions have caused the extinction of numerous species on planet earth.

Mr. Basem Barry, founder & CEO of Geohoney, shared his views on the said theme and emphasized the importance of banning the use of plastics in day-to-day life for the sustainability of the ecosystem.

A 2021 report by an Australian association, the Minderoo Foundation, said single-use plastic represents 33% of all plastic's global production, with 98% made from non-renewable energy sources. Single-use plastic also represents most of the plastic disposed of - 130 million metric tons around the world in 2019 — "which is all burned, covered in landfills or disposed of directly into the climate".

To increase cultural, recreational, economic, and above all, biological values, conserving resources is essential for everyone. Furthermore, environmental change is influencing the entire world with adverse effects on the climate and the nature of land encompassing the forest. Subsequently, conservation is the protection of the planet, which adds importance and value to the future world.

Geohoney is an environmentally conscious honey supplier brand serving people across the world. Being a Greentech and pollination company committed to serving the best to the planet & its people, the brand has led various initiatives to promote nature conservation.

Though the world has gone through several ups & downs in recent years because of the pandemic, some positive changes are seen on the environmental front. While humans were battling for their life, nature followed through to its logical end and began recovering what was legitimately theirs. Green regions have expanded, rivers have cleaned up, and there is clean air to breathe with pollution reduction. This pandemic has not just given nature time to work its miracles yet has also offered people the advantage of the time to introspect, reflect and examine with one another the need to bring down the demands we place on our natural resources.

Mr. Barry says we have to restore nature to its full glory & should take the necessary steps to make our cities greener and protect all species beneficial for the environment. We should all switch to healthy living by adopting natural products. We are therefore offering a flat 15% off on the entire product range so that people can indulge in the goodness of Nature, and know the importance of the environment & other species.

Join hands with Geohoney to value the nature we have been blessed with and take a pledge to do little things that will bring more significant changes in building a sustainable future for our children.

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