Yemeni Sidr Honey: An Exceptional Honey Variety With Plenty Of Health Benefits


Yemeni Sidr Honey: An Exceptional Honey Variety With Plenty Of Health Benefits

Pure honey has for some time been portrayed and utilized by numerous countries as a healing agent, health syrup thus substantially more than simply a food ingredient that you put on your toast or cereal. Yemeni Sidr honey is miraculous honey known for its high restorative value and is one of the best exceptional honey on the planet. Its extraordinarily rich taste, nutritional value, and rare availability earn it a prestigious reputation and the name “liquid gold” by Arabs. Referenced in different various sacred texts, and surprisingly antiquated carvings, Yemeni honey is additionally considered 'sacred' honey, as it was utilized by the Prophet Muhammad and others to treat numerous sicknesses. 

Prior to getting into the advantages of this uncommon and costly honey, let us educate you a little about what it truly is and how it is prepared -

Yemeni Sidr honey is mainly made by the bees from the nectar collected from the flowers from the Sidr Lote-Tree. This tree is known with different names in different countries; Bari/Ber tree [Pak/India], ZufZuuf tree [Morocco], Thorn/Jujube tree [Arabia] Hunnap tree [Turkey] Henap tree [Bulgaria] and Annub tree [Lebanon]. These trees have their own significance in history as a natural medicine remedy and are sacred in some religions. Sidr trees offer fruits, dates, figs, and raisins that are extremely rich in providing energy to the body.

Both new and dried Sidr leaves have been utilized by the Arabs for millennia for their clinical and disease curing benefits. In contrast to numerous others, Yemeni honey is reaped uniquely in the colder time of year utilizing conventional techniques and difficult manual labor. No pesticides, synthetics, or manures are utilized to develop these trees and the nectar extraction measure is done utilizing simple apparatuses, a little smoke, and some sharp blades. The nectar is then poured, unheated and crude, into compartments, which protect its dietary benefit, and sent to the local markets. Contingent upon the way toward reaping, the expense of this honey usually varies. It has additionally been found to have a PH that is equivalent to the pH of the human body, which assists it with being retained and processed by the body rapidly. Difficulty in transporting this monofloral honey additionally adds to the expense and is one reason why it's scant.

Benefits of Yemeni Sidr Honey –

(1) 100% Organic & Pure -

The Sidr trees are grown in the desert spaces of Yemen in wild and crude conditions. Beekeepers have consistently been slanted with their conventional strategies for beekeeping. While harvesting this honey, no modern beekeeping method & chemicals are used during the process of collection. As the whole process is carried out by hands, this natural honey is neither processed nor filtered thereby keeping the effective enzyme elements intact. 

(2) Incomprehensibly Potent 

For the most part honey bees make more than 30,000 outings to make just 500g of nectar while the honey bees that feed off the Sidr blossom tree just make two or three excursions until they die. Therefore, there are only certain bees that can deal with the power of the astounding tree and this is what makes Yemeni Sidr honey a rare & costly honey variety. 

(3) Common Aphrodisiac 

The Yemeni Honey offers natural aphrodisiac characteristics when blended in with carrot seeds or its own. The honey can be blended in with a good selection of nuts and spices which is a common option in contrast to Viagra with no side effects. 

(4) Natural Medicine 

Yemeni honey has been demonstrated to help stomach pains, contaminations, infections, cancer growth, stomach-related issues, liver issues, wounds, skin health management, blockage, eye illnesses, and fortifies the immune system which by and large gives better health and liveliness.

There are so numerous other medical advantages of Yemeni Sidr honey and individuals have depended on it for improved memory and for help in treating cancer symptoms. Geohoney offers the highest grade of Yemeni Sidr honey that helps in enhancing health. Our honey is removed cautiously to keep it untainted and of prevalent quality, so you can make the most of its actual advantages in the purest form. Order your jar of the finest Yemeni Sidr honey today & live a healthier life forever.

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