Acacia Honey: Origins, Benefits, and Pricing Revealed


Acacia Honey: Origins, Benefits, and Pricing Revealed

Acacia Honey: Origins, Benefits, and Pricing Revealed


Acacia honey is among the most popular and cherished honey varieties on a global level. Its mildly sweet taste, subtle neutral aroma, and a myriad of health benefits make it an amazing addition to your regular recipes and diet.

The CEO of BA Barry group and the mastermind behind GEOHONEY Mr. Bassem Barry says

“Acacia honey has that unique taste that can sweeten any food item without affecting its natural flavor or aroma. Enjoy it with a spoon or add it to your toast, ice cream, or even cake to instantly amplify its flavor.”

This blog explores the wonders of acacia raw honey in detail. Here you will get some valuable insights into Acacia Honey’s origins and pricing and also come to know about some of its prominent health benefits so keep reading till the end.


  • Acacia Honey: Floral Source and Origin
  • Nutritional Profile of Acacia Honey
  • Acacia Honey Pricing
  • Health Benefits of Acacia Honey
  • Antioxidant-Rich Honey
  • Aids Wound Healing
  • Effective for Acne Treatment and Prevention
  • Has Natural Laxative Effects
  • Improves Blood Circulation


Acacia Honey: Floral Source and Origin


Acacia honey is a popular monofloral honey type that is produced by bees pollinating the acacia flower.

The source of the acacia honey is the nectar of Robinia Pseudo acacia flower which is characterized by its creamy-white color. Commonly known as black locust or false acacia trees, honey pollinated from these sources has a very mild taste and a very light-amber almost transparent hue.

Acacia trees are native to the temperate and tropical areas of the Eastern US and Asia.  However, in the mid-1700s, these trees were also sent to England. These trees then spread rapidly all over Europe. So much so that right now there are vast Acacia forests in many Eastern parts of Europe. 

Compared to others, this honey is richer in fructose making it an ideal sweetening agent for a wide range of products including juices, dairy products, and bakery items.


Nutritional Profile of Acacia Honey


Acacia honey has several benefits and uses . It is abundant in glucose and sucrose. However, fructose makes up most of its nutritional content. It is also a rich source of proteins, fibers, fats, minerals, and vitamin C. 

Another prominent feature of acacia honey is its high flavonoid content which acts as strong antioxidants.

Typically, 1 tablespoon or 21 grams of acacia honey has about 60 calories and 17 grams of sugar which shows how energy dense it can be. 


Acacia Honey Pricing


The price of acacia honey varies based on its purity and overall quality. You can buy 1 KG acacia honey for about AED 470.

If you are looking for premium quality acacia honey, you can also find products that cost you about AED 480 for 450 grams of acacia honey. Make sure to consider the purity of the honey and your consumption needs before ordering acacia honey to be on the safe side.

You also need to consider the reputation of the seller and online customer reviews before ordering acacia honey from a random store to ensure you get the right product that is worth your money.


Health Benefits of Acacia Honey


Apart from being a great culinary wonder, acacia honey also comes with plenty of benefits for your physical and mental fitness and health. 

Following are just a few ways in which acacia honey can improve your health and promote well-being


  1. Antioxidant-Rich Honey


Acacia honey is rich in flavonoids which are the most useful antioxidants that reduce risks of heart diseases and cancer. The high antioxidant content of this honey protects your cells from damage caused by free radicals.


  1. Aids Wound Healing


The antioxidant and antibacterial features of this honey give it superior wound-healing properties. The use of medicines based on acacia honey on your wounds prevents infections or bacterial contamination.

Moreover, it provides your wounds with moist surroundings as well as a protective barrier that gives them a safe healing environment.


  1. Effective for Acne Treatment and Prevention


You can find many acne-fighting lotions and creams that contain acacia honey as their main ingredient. This honey has antibacterial properties which makes it highly effective for preventing and treating acne and many other common skin conditions like pimples, dark spots, etc.


  1. Has Natural Laxative Effects


If you suffer from constipation or some other inflammatory bowel disease, you can add acacia honey to your diet to benefit from its natural laxative effect. This honey is often recommended to people suffering from inflammation caused by colitis. It has positive effects for normalizing bowel movements and regulating intestinal transit.

It is also an effective natural treatment for people struggling with kidney stones.  


  1. Improves Blood Circulation


Acacia honey also increases blood flow and improves circulation throughout your entire body. It boosts the production of red blood cells and platelets. This is why it is often recommended for women suffering from low hemoglobin levels during menstrual cycles.

Moreover, regular use of acacia honey can also help maintain your cardiac health. It has been found to be effective in treating problems related to tachycardia, ischemia, etc.




Acacia honey has a light and transparent color with a mild taste which makes it usable in plenty of recipes. Its long shelf life and many health benefits like acne prevention, improved blood circulation, wound healing, and antioxidant, and antibacterial features make it a perfect addition to your diet regardless of your age.

So, add this honey to your regular diet to reap its many health benefits and for taking your recipes to the next level in terms of taste, texture, and overall appearance.


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