Acacia Honey – A Natural Treatment For People Struggling With Kidney Stones


How Acacia Honey Is Effective For Treatment Of Kidney Stones?

Do you see cloudy urine or feel a burning sensation? Do you feel pain within the back of your belly or while passing the urine? These could be indications of kidney stones.

Kidneys play an essential role in clearing out the toxins and overabundance of liquids from our bodies. However, with the busy 9-5 schedule of life that most people are driving, the amount of water a person drinks in a day decreases continuously. Adding to that, the hard water issue in metropolitan regions makes it no surprise that so many of us are suffering from kidney stones.

Drinking plenty of water daily is the best and only natural solution to avoid kidney stones, helping them dissolve & pass through the urine. But because of specific reasons, assuming our body can't do this, crystals and natural minerals begin to shape, which are called kidney stones. Small kidney stones can be cured and removed effectively if diagnosed in the initial stages. The absence of water in our body, the development of excessive acid in the urine, urinary tract diseases, and so forth are a few reasons behind developing kidney stones.

Before these stones grow in size and become painful, one should need to make a quick move for the treatment of kidney stones. Along with the regular medicines, there are specific kidney stone remedies that may assist in flushing out the stones & upkeep the health of the kidneys. In this recent blog, we will throw some light on the –

How Can Acacia Honey Be An Effective Home Remedy To Treat Kidney Stones?

Acacia honey is one of the healthiest elixirs having many health benefits. The rich content of beneficial properties makes it an effective natural ingredient for various health issues. It is loaded with antioxidants that protect the kidney cells against oxidative stress. Eating honey in moderation helps get an adequate amount of antioxidants, which ultimately play a protective role in preventing kidney stones. Since acacia honey is also known for its rich antibacterial properties, it is a perfect natural remedy to upkeep overall kidney health. However, to gain immense benefits, honey should always be consumed in combination with other ingredients such as –

(1) Lemon –

Lemon juice & acacia honey offer miraculous health benefits to the overall health. As lemons are rich in citric acid, it helps fight off kidney stones by increasing the level of urine citrate. The citrate present in the lemon can combat the calcium kidney stones in the body. Regular intake of lemon juice and honey is very effective in reducing the pain of kidney stones and dissolving them quickly. It is recommended to drink 5-6 glasses of lemon water mixed with a few spoons of honey daily to gain desired outcomes.

(2) Apple Cider Vinegar –

Apple vinegar is effective in dissolving kidney stones because of its acidic nature and the combination of raw honey with apple vinegar is very effective. In addition, it has the properties to form the urine alkaline. Also, to ask for the most effortless outcome, you have to add two tablespoons of apple vinegar and one teaspoon of honey to 6-8 ounces of water and drink this throughout the day. People with diabetes should keep a note while taking this remedy.

(3) Basil –

Basil is the healthiest tonic for kidneys and one of the effective home remedies to get rid of kidney stones. Take some basil leaves and grind them to extract the juice. Add a teaspoonful of raw honey to this fresh basil juice and eat it three times daily. Consuming this first early in the morning for the subsequent five months helps gain the visible outcomes. As basil juice is loaded with beneficial antioxidants & anti-inflammatory agents, it is an excellent natural ingredient to dissolve kidney stones.

Which is the Effective Kidney-Stone Diet?

Having kidney stones expands the risk of getting them back again, except if you effectively work to remove them from the root. This implies taking medications prescribed by the doctor for this purpose and watching what you eat and drink.

Get necessary diagnostic tests done to determine which type of kidney stones you have. The doctor will then prescribe you a specific diet plan which usually includes –

1. Drinking 10-12 glasses of water daily

2. Eating calcium-rich food in every meal

3. Limit the intake of animal protein

4. Eat more amount of citrus fruits

5. Avoid drinks & food high in oxalates and phosphates

6. Decrease the intake of salt, sugar, and products containing high fructose corn syrup

7. Avoid consumption of alcohol

Kidney stones are a painful medical condition. Luckily, proper medication and viable home remedies using natural honey & proper diet plan can effectively manage and prevent kidney stones. Staying hydrated, keeping away from specific food sources high in salt and sugar, and matching calcium with oxalate-rich food varieties are significant elements of a kidney stone eating routine. However, keep in mind to consult the doctor regularly to promote optimal kidney functioning & keep an update on your health condition.

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Timothy B. Coleman
1 year ago

I got so worried When I was diagnosed with a kidney stone. I didn’t want any kind of surgery and I started seeking options to avoid surgery. Luckily I found Acacia honey that is useful in the treatment of kidney stones. Hence I started using acacia honey in my diet. This worked for me and I got rid of kidney stones naturally.

Sirazhdi Umkhayev
1 year ago

My grandmother always use to tell us the benefits of pure raw honey. Even when my mother was diagnosed with a kidney stone, she used to eat raw acacia honey daily. Luckily this worked for her and she was able to cure this kidney stone issue naturally.

Rashad Fawzah Bahar
1 year ago

I am well aware of the pain that kidney stone causes as I had experienced it. When I was diagnosed with a kidney stone, I got so worried as the doctor suggest an operation. I wasn’t ready for it and hence started looking for alternatives. Meanwhile one of my aunty told me about how she was able to cure her kidney stone problem by using acacia honey. On her advice, I added acacia honey to my daily diet. Luckily this worked for me as I started feeling the difference. In a few months I was able to get rid of my kidney stones totally and that too without operations.

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