Bee Pollen – Surprising Benefits Of This Nutrient Rich Bee Honey Product


Bee Pollen

Honey bee pollen is viewed as one of nature’s most sustaining nourishments! Packed with vitamin B and all 22 vital nutrients, bee pollen has more protein per gram than any other food item and is a top choice for those searching for a regular energy and nutrient lift. Bee pollen is truly a super-food found in nature.

Given this high recognition, you may be pondering – so…, what is honey bee pollen precisely? Honey bees sit on blossoms and collect nectar and pollen from them which are packed in the honeycomb cells. These flower pollens, when mixed with a little bee saliva make the bee pollen. Comprised of flower pollen, nectar, a nutrient-dense blend of honey, beeswax, and enzymes, these tiny granules are unbelievably effective.

Jam-packed with nutrition & healing properties, bee pollens have some super-duper benefits than just being a popular smoothie topper! Let’s start digging –

  • Potent Antioxidant:

Honey bee pollen is jam-packed with flavonoids and polyphenols that serve as a potent antioxidant. Free radicals present in our body are responsible for causing damage to cells, proteins & even DNA. Including bee pollen in the daily diet is an effective way to diminish cellular harm & combat the basic pathology of various sicknesses.

  • Boost Energy and Improve Muscle Mass:

Various studies suggest that bee pollen fundamentally help in improving muscle mass & mitochondrial activities. Consuming bee pollen & natural honey regularly boosts up the body energy & offers stunning advantages for the athletes.

  • Assists in Weight Loss:

Bee pollen is low in calorie content & works as a great appetite suppressant. As bee pollen contains amino acids, phenylalanine & lecithin, it eliminates cravings & flushes unnecessary fat out from the body.

  • Immunity Booster:

Bee pollen has a rich presence of polysaccharides, which helps in maintaining a stronger immune system. Consuming bee pollen regularly helps in fighting off seasonal allergies & infections as well.

  • Brings Down Blood Lipids and Improves Circulation:

Honey bee pollen has been affirmed in clinical examinations to give hypo-lipidemic action, which helps decline elevated levels of lipids (fats) in the blood, for example, cholesterol. This improves course and bloodstream in the mind, assisting with treating flow issues and hypertension.

Correct Way to Consume Bee Pollens

Bee pollen is available in capsules, tablets & granules form. Tablets & capsules can be taken simply with water whereas granules can be consumed by sprinkling them on yogurt, on smoothies, salads & on any food you enjoy.

Loaded with so many essential nutrients bee pollen is a true super-food! Start adding this exceptional food product to your daily diet regimen & experience the wonderful benefits. Why wait for more, buy the best quality bee pollen from Geohoney & give your body a healthy & natural boost!

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Sonia Sahni
3 years ago

Bee pollen is very good in taste.

3 years ago

I am using bee pollen grains for my diet plan.

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