Bee Propolis - A Treasured Bee Hive Product


Bee Propolis - A Treasured Bee Hive Product

Honey bees and their pollination add to keeping up with biological equilibrium in nature and empower different creatures and plant species, including people, to flourish. They additionally offer honey bee products that are a completely natural food source. People have been utilizing bee products since ancient times, and they are an especially appropriate wellspring of food in the present progressively faster pace of life.

We know well about the rich golden liquid, i.s. honey produced by these tiny bees. Alongside this natural sweetener, which is undoubtedly the most popular honey bee item, honey bees additionally offer us pollen, royal jelly, beeswax and propolis. Honey bees work hard to collect and produce many different things that can be called the fruits of their tireless work. So let’s move forward in knowing about one such unique treasure of beehives, i.e. propolis. 

What is Propolis?

The word propolis comes from Greek origin and intends to protect the city. Propolis or honey bee glue is made from resins, ambers and tree saps. It is a resinous, waxy substance that honey bees make by blending their saliva with beeswax, alongside compounds from different plants and trees. Honey bees utilize it to seal holes in the hive to keep out intruders. Propolis is rich in antimicrobial properties that may shield honey bees from microorganisms. 

The substances that make up propolis can be complicated. Researchers have identified more than 300 separate compounds available in propolis. The specific composition can rely upon the area of the bee colony. It usually comprises of:

Pollen Particles: 5% 

Tree and Vegetable Resins: 50%

Beeswax: 30% 

Aromatic Oils: 10%

A few types of honey bees that home in tree holes use propolis to seal breaks in the hive. When many honey bees move to a possum box or tree hollow, honey bees use propolis to make a little access to the hive. Dwarf honey bees use propolis to safeguard against subterranean insects by covering the branch from which their home is suspended to make a tacky channel. Because of its high therapeutic characteristics, propolis is consumed by people as a well-being supplement in different ways and used in certain beauty care products. 

Benefits of Propolis – 

(1) Wound Healing – 

An animal study done on rats has shown that propolis may aid in wound healing. It assists in growing new skin cells that results in speeding up wound healing. Propolis is additionally beneficial in killing some types of bacteria that help in preventing skin infection.

(2) Oral Health – 

Propolis also seems to forestall the formation of calcium phosphate, which is the fundamental part of dental plaque. Both honey and propolis are rich in antibacterial properties, making them valuable as ingredients in dental care products. It fundamentally diminished the measure of microscopic organisms in the saliva of individuals with periodontitis. 

(3) Irritation – 

The antioxidant content in propolis may attempt to diminish inflammation, for example, as the inflammation that arthritis causes. In several studies, propolis has been used as a mitigating specialist in rodents and mice with arthritis. In the two examinations, the propolis repressed swelling and seemed to affect how the inflammation was created. In addition, researchers accept that propolis may manage provocative substances in the body, like prostaglandins. 

(4) Herpes – 

Various other studies recommend that propolis may fill in as an elective treatment for genital or oral herpes. Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex infection (HSV). HSV-1 regularly causes oral herpes, which can bring about cold sores. HSV-2 is physically sent, and it causes contamination that can bring about painful blisters on the private parts. Using honey and propolis are more effective than acyclovir that assists in treating HSV skin lesions — particularly cold sores.

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