Can’t Imagine the World without Bees! The Fascinating Benefits of Bee Honey


Benefits of Bee Honey

Among the many creatures in this world, the honey bee is one such creature in which God's blessing is so clear that all mankind sees it. This wonderful creature affects the society, economy, and our well being. These bees are truly miracles, and this is the reason why a whole chapter in the Quran is dedicated to them.

Sura 16 of the Quran is called "the Bee." Bees and humans have a strong connection as they have been around the world, producing this sweet nectar for about 15-20 million years. But are we humans really taking care of these little creatures? Knowing the fact that honey bees are important for farming, human activities like land development, electromagnetic pollution, and use of pesticides has made it extremely harder for honeybees to reproduce, to the peril of the species.

Honey bees pollinate more than 2/3 of our vital crops, and if there is a decrease in the population of bees, the production of the crops will also decrease. Being of huge economic importance and vital for pollination, a wide variety of essential & natural products like beeswax, pollen, royal jelly, and propolis are also made from bee honey. Let’s now quickly have a look at the benefits of honey –

  • The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties bring down the swelling of the wound, kill germs, and clear the infection in a great way.
  • Unprocessed honey reduces the amount of acid produced by the bacteria to almost zero, and prevents tooth decay, fights off the infection, reduces swelling and pain in gums.
  • Coffee and tea are well known to refresh our bodies in a perfect way. But a healthier solution for instant energy is obviously honey. Try one tablespoon of honey every day for sustained and focused energy.
  • As honey stimulates the production of immune cells in our body, it is a great ingredient to fight off disease, colds, flu, and the host of other health issues.
  • Drinking milk with honey at night releases serotonin that gets converted into melatonin, which regulates the length and quality of sleep.

Honey bees, in a real sense, head out all over to assemble this liquid gold from blossoms. And what's more, they do it in their short life expectancy of half a month to four months. Toward the ending of its life, the honey bee's commitment to the hive is one-twelfth of a teaspoon of nectar! But even though each bit that it gives is significant on the grounds that altogether the honey bees produce around 60 pounds of bee honey in a year.

Honey bees are an astounding case of the intensity of cooperative individuals. Every commitment is vital and expected to support the hive consistently. It is a must to take care of these lovely and useful miracles of God because if they disappear, our diets will suffer tremendously. The vanishing of honey bees, or even a significant drop in their populace, would make those nourishment scant. Humankind would endure—yet our suppers would get significantly less fascinating. Bees are an incredible example of team work. So next time, when you purchase a bottle of natural honey, take a good look and reflect on the sacrifice of thousands of bees that went into making this for you!

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Samia Ostadi
3 years ago

True as I used honey for my every meal.

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