Celebrate World Bee Day With Exciting Offers At Geohoney


Celebrate World Bee Day With Exciting Offers On Honey Products

Dubai, UAE - May 5, 2022: Geohoney is marking World Bee Day, inviting its communities and the people to engage with the commitments and initiatives to save the bee population from declining. And to let their customers celebrate this particular day, Geohoney has come up with an exciting 15% off on selected products till 20th May.

Honey bees and nature have always been a source of inspiration for Geohoney since the company was established. Presently the symbol of Geohoney, they keep on inspiring the company's honey production. Always connected to the magnificence of nature, honey bees have become more than a symbol, guiding Geohoney's commitment to sustainability. Unfortunately, honey bees are progressively in danger today, and safeguarding these creatures has been at the core of Geohoney's drives for more than five years.

Geohoney is focused on safeguarding biodiversity, economic advancement, sustainable innovation, making positive social effects, and protecting one of nature's most valuable wonders, the honey bee. These responsibilities are driven by a duty to act and pass on the legacy of the brand to future generations. Therefore, from 5th - 20th May 2022, Geohoney will be offering a flat 15% off on selected honey products.

What is the Importance of World Bee Day?

Designated World Bee Day by the United Nations, this symbolic date corresponds with the birth of Anton Janša, an eighteenth-century pioneer in current beekeeping techniques. This day is celebrated to acknowledge the function of bees and other pollinators in the ecosystem.

The theme of World Bee Day 2022 is: "Bee engaged: Build Back Better for Bees."

By this theme, The United Nations focused on the dangers of protection presented by COVID-19 to honey bees and other pollinators. UN likewise urged upon beekeeping awareness and the significance of honey bee-derived products. This Theme of Bee Day 2022 gives a direction to every one of the festivals of World Bee Day 2022.

By this theme of World Bee Day, the United Nations had pushed upon the protection of bees, other pollinators, and their habitats.

According to Mr. Basem Barry, founder & CEO of Geohoney, Honey bees have a tremendous value for the climate and our food security. As is becoming well-known information, honey bees pollinate many of our food. In addition, they assume a fundamental part of the environment. They guarantee pollination services for farming; however, they offer a crucial function in balancing life in their ecosystem. Therefore, we want to advise ourselves that we want to keep making progress toward providing better conditions for bees.

He further adds that this World Bee Day and for the coming years, we should pledge to work for the bees because of their high value in agriculture, and if the bees are in danger, so is the environment. Thus, one of the principal benefits of increasing the protection of honey bees is the overall ecological improvement that goes along.

Geohoney has been delivering 100% pure honey products, strives to preserve nature, and produces the best quality products. The leading honey supplier brand acts by uplifting nature to art and focuses on giving its marvels to people in the future, with the honey bee as sentinel. Geohoney includes and joins its clients, customers, and beekeepers, who share this equivalent vision, to envision and shape a more excellent and sustainable world together.  

Geohoney wishes you all a Happy World Bee Day!

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