Chestnut Honey - What Are Its Benefits On Health?


Health Benefits of Chestnut Honey

Chestnut honey is a monofloral honey made basically from the nectar of the chestnut tree flowers. It is a stronger honey variety with a specific flavor and bitterness. It separates itself by a darker color that renders it significantly more appealing. This honey type is affluent in pollen, mineral salts, and tannin, with a great extent of fructose that opposes crystallization.

The high mineral content and antibacterial & antioxidant properties of chestnut honey make it a great choice to include in your daily diet. This honey's flavor is one reason it's so well-known because not everyone enjoys the sweeter honey types. Chestnut honey is mildly sweet, with a unique flavor, extraordinary fragrance, and a fairly persevering taste. It has a bitter, bitter aftertaste, leather flavor notes, and savory and spicy notes. Its slight tartness is because of the honey's tannin content, tannins being a polyphenol or antioxidant with astringent properties that cause food varieties containing them to have a specific tart flavor. Chestnut honey's bitter-sweet taste makes it perfect for pairing with cheeses, meats, toast, etc., for those who want a sweet spread.

Benefits of Chestnut Honey

(1) Rich Source of Antibacterial Properties –

Chestnut honey is known for its remarkable antibacterial properties got fundamentally from its substance of hydrogen peroxide, an ordinarily occurring antimicrobial. In addition, its low moisture content and density further add to its antibacterial effects by lessening microbes' numbers.

(2) Treats Sore Throat & Gastritis –

Chestnut honey is thick and has a low moisture content, qualities that add to its soothing effect by permitting it to frame a defensive layer over the throat or stomach lining and allow them to heal while forestalling further irritation. For this reason, honey is added to tea or consumed raw and is said to assist with respiratory diseases, gastritis, and ulcers.

(3) Boosts Up the Skin Health –

Due to its tannin content which makes it marginally astringent, chestnut honey can help briefly fix skin and give it a radiant appearance. Besides, when applied as a facial mask, it makes skin softer and unclogs pores.

(4) Immuno-modulating Properties –

The high antioxidant amount in the honey assists in eliminating free radicals. These free radicals are answerable for premature aging. With fewer free radicals in your body system, the more you get to shield yourself from the aging effects. This is how the regular use of chestnut honey will assist with keeping the look younger for longer.

(5) Perfect Energizer for the Body –

The natural sugars (fructose), nutrients, and minerals in chestnut honey assist with reestablishing energy levels and battling weakness usually. A spoonful of chestnut honey daily will assist with easing exhaustion very quickly.

(6) Loaded with Nutrients –

Being a darker honey variety, chestnut honey has a prevalent dietary profile, containing higher measures of nutrients and minerals than other varieties, outstandingly L-ascorbic acid, potassium, manganese, iron, copper, and trace amounts of amino acids and different supplements. For example, L-ascorbic acid is an incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory; iron prevents and treats anemia deficiency, while potassium is perfect for the nervous system and cardiovascular health.

Chestnut honey's lavishness gives it a genuine aspect, making it more like a sweet sauce than sugar. So consider it as an accent for both savory dishes and desserts. You can even pair it with cheese, toss with roasted vegetables, or drizzle it on a sandwich, bread, and toast.

The particular taste of chestnut honey is quite appealing. However, to indulge in the authentic taste, always choose certified, organic, raw chestnut honey and avoid heating it because it can cause it to lose its beneficial properties.

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Hussein Al Majed
1 year ago

Replacing jam with this thick aromatic chestnut honey on my bread has been quite beneficial for me as it provides me great health benefits

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