Serving Mankind And Environment Is Geohoney’s Top Priority: Exclusive Interview With Basem Barry, CEO Of The B A Barry Group


Serving Mankind And Environment Is Geohoney’s Top Priority

In the midst of a market crammed with businesses claiming to be unique in their fields of work, ordinary and traditional ones cannot catch people’s attention and they will surely look for a venture that differentiates itself across the globe. This explains the attractiveness of B A BARRY, a business with a wide-ranging philosophy embodied in providing resources that serve the environment and mankind and achieve aims that go beyond the traditional goals of investment companies.

B A BARRY has been engaged in various fields, but the most prominent ones were to serve human health through contributing to environmental balance and supporting the fight against global warming. The company uses advanced agricultural techniques and sophisticated AI (Artificial intelligence) that doubles tree pollination levels by expanding species and populations of bees, the blessed insect which man is yet to discover its mysterious realms and secrets.

To learn some facts about the philosophy of investment in the ambiguous bee world, an exclusive interview was carried out with Mr. Basem Barry, CEO of the B A Barry Group. The group prides in renowned brands in various and advanced industries. However, the interview was dedicated mainly on talks about their flagship brand, namely GEOHONEY.

Mr. Barry with his strong words want people to dive into understanding the reality of investing in serving life, which is threatened today by worldwide complicated problems that affect global food and drug security and by human greed for just earning more and more.

1. Briefly introduce B A BARRY and the reason for moving operations to Dubai?

Established in 2017, B A BARRY is an ambitious group of experienced companies across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, creativity, commercial services, digital services, and logistics.

It was initially founded and launched in Singapore, but B A BARRY's ambitions which meet Dubai's spirits, as well as Dubai's global leadership of top position in providing advanced infrastructure for businesses, renowned reputation and remarkable geographical location, prompted the move to transfer the company’s main logistic operations to Dubai. While keeping the first branch in Singapore, the group is currently expanding in many countries around the world.

2. What differentiates the brand from other businesses?

Everyone claims to be different and unique. However, the noble goals of the B A BARRY Group, including protecting human life and health and helping the preservation of planet Earth are exceptional USPs that differentiate the brand from others.

3. Does the company's relatively short lifespan give it the right to be a pioneer in its field of work?

The changes of time and the developments of global markets no longer value companies in terms of how old they are, but rather how vigorous they are in good management, planning, marketing and how successful they are across all levels. Although B A Barry group has been established for five years, it has achieved successes that surpass many young and old companies involved in similar industries. On the grounds, the company strongly believes in its leadership in areas of work.

4. What unites the companies involved under the umbrella of B A BARRY GROUP?

Despite covering a wide range of industries, the theme that unites all the group companies is the drive to benefit humanity first. Forethought, creativity, rigorousness in accomplishing work, investment in minds, attention to everything with particular consideration to details, and unique entrepreneurship are the common key characteristics that bond all companies operating under the umbrella of the parent company, B A BARRY GROUP.

5. What image does B A BARRY convey other than its business activities?

B A BARRY is working to create a real business imprint, which is intended to be a nucleus for a systematic change in the current business and finance landscape through a number of approaches, notably encouraging entrepreneurs to be creative, not to follow the logic of the old-fashioned market economies – which they think of as unchangeable rules and principles – and to invent new methods that challenge prevailing familiar traditions and adopt strategies that accelerate and enhance business growth, efficiency and viability.

6. Are there potential challenges and threats from other large competitors?

Firstly, the company has not entered the market in any field before making sure that it has such a high rate of innovation, creativity and accumulated effort that it is difficult to compete.

Secondly, the investment market is very large and accommodates everyone. Based on in-depth market study, there is no real competition currently. Even if there is competition globally due to wide market, the group’s projects, which start from the UAE, the land of goodness and opportunities, are launched quickly and expand across the global market, covering 190 countries worldwide. The companies are creating stand-alone fundamental products across all industries, including luxury ones that suit everyone and leave a real imprint for all customers.

7. What is B A BARRY from the perspective of an international organization that wants to cooperate with it?

International organizations and companies look for excellence and credibility in parties with whom they want to cooperate. Distinctively, “GEOHONEY" summarizes the characteristics as a global corporation that can create added-value when it affiliates with organizations such as FAO, WTO, etc. In addition, the company has lofty and grand goals in common with international entities that aim to serve humanity first through green technology and to generate revenues for its shareholders.

8. Which is the flagship company in B A BARRY group and why?

Each company in the group has a completely different scope of businesses. However, the Geohoney brand leads the way due to the CEO’s passion to convey a message to the world that honey before Geohoney is not the same after Geohoney. The goal is to see diseases that humanity suffers from disappear after the production of this blessed curing substance, especially the production of monofloralor honeydew honey.

9. Why is Geohoney distinct from other companies operating under the group?

Geohoney has created advanced agricultural AI (artificial intelligence) techniques that tamed bees to produce new types of honey not previously known – a patent and trademark registered in most world countries in Geohoney's name.

Geohoney is unique as a completely new and innovative product that will change the dining menus and gastronomy worldwide. Geohoney will completely eliminate a key problem facing the production of honey in the world - cheating and artificial chemical honey, which some have come to publicly pride themselves in and consider a scientific achievement that in fact is a health and environmental disaster. No one will be able to replace bee honey, no matter what they do. However, it is possible to invest smartly in this area.

10. How do investments through Geohoney reflect this smartness?

Geohoney has so far produced 300 types of raw honey, 100 of which had not existed before. The company is in the process of producing more than a thousand new types, whether in company’s own apiaries or in partners’ apiaries after providing them with the equipment, hybrid bee breeds and secret techniques necessary for production. However, this investment shuns from the fraud seen in the honey industry. Smart investment is a challenge to increasing production without compromising the properties of Geohoney nor affecting the colonies and species diversity of this blessed insect.

 11. What is the effect of smart investment on increasing unemployment?

Geohoney and its partners currently have more than 60,000 beekeepers, and the numbers increase with each apiary in which the agricultural technology is deployed. Agricultural intelligence is about producing more honey and the role of beekeepers is vital and essential. Practically, the company is thus creating big job opportunities in this sector, not the other way around.

12. How will these initiatives change honey production technologies globally, and how does this relates to increasing food production in the world?

The sophisticated and brand-new green-tech honey-production technologies and widely-spread apiaries help increase green areas, fruitful and non-fruitful plantations. This will practically and primarily contribute to expanding global food production directly or indirectly. The monofloral types of honey, or the relevant expert forums, will also pay attention to the quality of this food. It is a technological revolution in production, which used to be done in a way and is now done in a better and more effective way.

13. What is the single flower or monofloral technique and what are its benefits?

It is the habit of bees to collect nectar from thousands of diverse flowers and trees over a large area away from hive location for distances of up to 5 km depending on the environment in which they are located and the type of bees. However, in “GEOHONEY,” the bees are raised to collect nectar from one, two or three floral species, depending on the intended product. Thus, honey is made from a specific plant type, and through advanced laboratories, highly complex technologies and partners in success. The company identifies and directs the indication properties of such honey in a way that is different from others. Therefore, honey specifically good for the heart, the skin, the bones, fertility, honey, the kidneys and liver, and specific age groups, as well as the desired health result is produced.

In short, monofloral or mono-honeydew honey is a technique that makes the right type of honey as opposed to a liquid with honey flavor.

14. How can a consumer trust that this honey is monofloral and experience the uniqueness of the product?

Apart from being a global company and a registered trademark in most countries of the world, Geohoney specializes in honey. Unlike many other companies which make honey as one item from hundreds of other food products, Geohoney utilizes all its investments and capabilities in this specialization. Therefore, it is careful about name and credibility. This is reflected in obtaining top international quality certificates that make sure its products reach all parts of the world. Before buying, a customer can review the detailed laboratory analysis and ISO and HACCP quality certificates online with a click of a button to find out the specifications of each type of honey. This is something that the company bears at a high cost, due to its importance in strengthening and enhance credibility to the consumer and the relevant regulatory authorities.

In brief, knowing whether a product is monofloral is a purely laboratory matter, but any person, with a little knowledge and experience, after trying it for the first time, can distinguish Geohoney's monofloral honey from other so-claiming products.

15. What are the new types of honey produced or intended to be produced?

Currently, Geohoney has hundreds of varieties such as cedar honey, oak honey, pine honey, lemon honey, acacia honey, jarrah honey, gum honey, lavender honey, oregano honey, carob honey, avocado honey, cranberry honey, chestnut honey, buckwheat honey, samar (black acacia) honey, arctic honey, eucalyptus honey, thyme honey, sunflower honey, Black Seed Honey, Fir Honey, nigella honey and many more. The company is currently offering these types to consumers gradually after conducting marketing research and studying the quantities of production, the quality of storage, the scope of legal authorizations, the cost of production and packaging, and other factors.

Customers can easily purchase online from anywhere in the world through

16. Are the new types subject to health and medical control?

Without a doubt, Geohoney is dealing with the world's best independent laboratories specialized in honey, as well as its own laboratories. None of the products is put on the market before being examined by two specialized laboratories, a local one and international one, so as to enhance the confidence of consumers in the target market. Then, the product is duly registered with the regulatory authorities.

17. How many apiaries does the company have now?

Geohoney currently has 90 apiaries and are planning to implement "GEOHONEY" technology in 7,000 apiaries over the next few years.

18. Are these apiaries sufficient to meet the market demand?

Once the required number of apiaries is reached, the company will be able to cover the entire global market. As a minimum, the goal is to have an 18% market share, which is a not-far-off target.

19. Are there fears of not meeting the demand for products?

Geohoney’s sales department and all operations, production and marketing departments are very professional with extensive FMCG hands-on experiences. Consequently, the goal is to expand gradually in a sufficient and correct way in line with annual production increase.

20. Any potential difficulties resulting from the distribution of honey-making centers around the world?

Yes, it is currently expensive, but Geohoney is certainly planning to reduce the cost of transportation by increasing the operational capacity for the producing monofloral honey in a manner that makes it accessible to everyone at a price more affordable than the that of multifloral honey. However, noting that Geohoney is invaluable with respect to its benefits, agencies in major cities around the world get the products to relieve operational and logistical burdens, increase efficiency and reduce prices.

21. How do prices of the honey products compare with other honey prices?

The website and online application on Google Play and Apple Store contain all the detailed information that answers commercial and inquiries. More importantly, the website contains a lot of educational material, including news, articles, research, videos and scientific encyclopedias specialized in the realm of bees in more than 50 world languages to raise awareness about this food, which should be eaten daily at least three times to increase people's immunity probably ten times the immunity of people who do not eat honey on a daily basis.

22. How difficult is it to get Geohoney around the world?

It does not take more than a few clicks through the website to receive the product anywhere in most countries of the world within one to four working days maximum.

23. What are the negative effects of adopting the single flower honey production technology?

According to research and studies conducted around the world, it has been confirmed that there are no negative effects on any level of honey production using the single flower technology. On the contrary, it is a technology that support climatic balance in its production areas and produces honey that are of more quality and with more specialized use purposes according to the characteristics of the plant from which the bees are fed.

24. With this technology, how does the company contribute to changing the global climate for the better?

After three years of operating the apiaries (private beehives), it was found that the grass and tree surroundings increased at a rate of 5% to 20% annually. Geohoney noticed that fruitful plantations also grew in production by almost the same rates even during low rainfall seasons. After conducting some researches in cooperation with specialized companies, the team realized that it was the monofloral apiaries that helped create the causes for this dramatic climate change.

Geohoney has still not reached the target number of apiaries around the world, so one can imagine the positive impact that this technology will have on the planet. This is the focus of current discussions with international organizations concerned with projects aimed at enhancing fertile and sustainable environment and how this impacts climate change and increase food production in all countries of the world.

25. How true is the great slogan: Honey cures all diseases?

Many people doubt that and the reason simply is that they either have never tried natural honey or they unintentionally got accustomed to chemical honey, which is good for nothing. It could be also because people have not taken the type of honey that should be used to treat a particular disease and not others, and this is what Geohoney offers through monofloral honey.

Honey has always been a doctor in many ancient civilizations, such as Sumerians, Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians, Aztecs, Mayas, Romans, Arabs, Persians, Chinese and others without exception. However, while they consumed 100% natural honey, people today eat chemical honey, believing that it is natural, organic honey.

26. Why should Geohoney’s health standards be trusted?

Geohoney’s standards are global and independent, given by official international specialized certification organizations, including, but not limited to: LAC-MRS, ENAS, HACCP, FDA, ISO, Dubai Municipality and CE. In addition, Geohoney is a registered trademark in most countries of the world, including the United States, China, Japan, India, EU countries, Brazil, Russia, GCC countries, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and others.

27. How does the company aim to achieve such a big feat?

With God's help first and foremost, Geohoney will achieve this through teams' strength, love and passion for their extraordinary work, as well as the support of partners and investors who share the belief in the noble goals the company is ultimately seeking.

28. Any request for support from individuals, companies or organizations?

Strategic projects of the size of Geohoney undoubtedly require partnerships, alliances and support from all. It is an important cause and benefits healthy life on Earth entirely. It is related to human health and food security. Therefore, it is a serious issue and everyone is required to contribute to increasing the expansion map to reach the target of more than 7000 apiaries worldwide in a timeline much shorter than when depending on the company’s financial resources alone.

29. When is the expected announcement date for the major alliances?

Hopefully next year, 2023!

30. What is the next step after B A BARRY achieves the major partnerships it seeks?

The next goal is to have B A BARRY listed on the Dubai Financial Market, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchangeand New York Stock Exchange, in order to bring investment and financial benefit to investors and stockholders who wish to be involved in strategic projects of this size. It is a global investment company specializing in high-quality, creative projects across a wide range of industries; the focus of is Geohoney as an example.

31. Getting into global stock exchanges has tough requirements. Can B A BARRY meet such requirements?

Yes, it can, but the time has not yet come. The priority for the time being is to increase the number of apiaries worldwide.

32. What motivates an investment company to favor immaterial profits over material ones?

It is a personal motive. The CEO suffered from a disease for many years. Coincidentally, he met a Japanese person in Tokyo who advised him to try treatment with monofloral honey. Within only a few days, he began to feel better and recovered from the disease completely within weeks. This inspired the idea to share the experience with others. The goal is to enable others see a great medical and scientific development that seeks to rely on natural products, and honey should play its role among these natural treatment methods in the market as it used to do in ancient human civilizations.

33. How big are the financial revenues now?

Being a private company now, the company is not positioned to reveal its financial figures. However, the sales and financial revenues are very good. The company is in a vertical profit position with customers from all countries of the world.

34. How can an interested investor contact B A BARRY?

This is the investor section on the website –

35. One last question, what is B A BARRY's first and most important interest?

People and values is first

Profitability comes second

36. Any final statement to convey to readers?

The saying goes, "your beloved is not the one who seduced you with honey, but rather the one who advised you to tell the truth". In B A Barry, the goal is to seduce customers to tell the truth and try GEOHONEY!

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