Children will be Severely Impacted Due to Heat Waves by 2050: A Latest UNICEF Report Released


Children will be Severely Impacted Due to Heat Waves by 2050

Heatwaves have become a serious threat to many countries. People of all age groups are severely impacted by these heatwaves, but new data indicates that by 2050 children will be affected more from this environmental change.

Today, half a portion of a billion young people are now presented to countless heatwaves, putting them on the front edges of environmental change, the UN agency noted. It is estimated that by the middle of this century, more than 2 billion children will face longer-lasting & frequent heat waves posing devastating impacts on their lives.

Why Children Are At a Greater Risk?

New data published by the UN agency reveals that young children face greater risks as compared to adults. This is all because children are not capable enough of regulating their body temperature compared to adults. Excessive exposure of heatwaves on children increases the risk of health problems namely asthma, chronic respiratory conditions, and cardiovascular diseases.

Thus, it has become essential to invest in building children’s resistance. It is the need of hour to adapt various systems on which children rely to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing climate.

Protecting Children is the Priority –

Protecting youngsters from the rising effects of heatwaves ought to be fundamentally important for all nations, UNICEF said, in a call for "urgent and dramatic emissions mitigation measures to contain global heating - and protect lives”.

Children in northern areas will confront the most sensational expansions in high heatwave severity, while by 2050, almost 50% of all children in Africa and Asia will confront sustained exposure to extreme high temperatures over 35C (95F), UN Children’s Fund data showed.

"This will devastatingly affect children," said Vanessa Nakate, environment activist and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. "The more successive, longer lasting and more extreme heat waves children are presented to, the more noteworthy the effects on wellbeing, nutrition, safety, education, access to water and future livelihoods."

Featuring the devastating effect of drought in the Horn of Africa after four bombed rainy seasons, Ms. Nakate demanded "lives are being lost from preventable causes on the grounds that the world is acting too leisurely on alleviation and not offering sufficient help for adaptation ".

Children "who are least liable for environmental change are bearing its greatest expenses", she kept, taking note of that in spite of the fact that Africa creates under four percent of worldwide global emissions, it suffers some “most brutal” impacts of the climate crisis.

“Almost every country is encountering changing heatwaves," UNICEF said. "What every government truly does now will decide the survival of those least responsible for this crisis – our children and young people.”

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hazel nut
1 year ago

Save the Children’s work ranges from food security programs for families suffering severe drought in the Horn of Africa.

1 year ago

If we really care about our future, save first the children, by doing that let's start with our planet. If we really care.

1 year ago

The devastating effects of climate change on us are very uncontrollable day by day.

abdul raman
1 year ago

When do you think is the best time to take an action? When the young ones are already dying? When the planet is already dissolved? Why not now?

1 year ago

Climate change can destroy homes, schools, childcare centers, and infrastructure critical to children’s well-being. If we will not take steps now to stop this climate change when will be?

1 year ago

The children are the future, but of what we are doing, we are putting them in danger. Sad to see this situation we have at the moment.

Josephine C. Farrow
1 year ago

Children are the most venerable part of any society and often the effects of any natural calamities fall upon them

december flower
1 year ago

We are not the only ones suffering at the moment, even the future generations, so as good human beings who are living on this borrowed planet, we must pass this on to our future generations as renewed ones.

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