Choose Good Health With Joy This Global Wellness Day With Geohoney


Choose Good Health With Joy This Global Wellness Day

Dubai, UAE - June 6, 2022: Geohoney is joining hands with more and more people in "Saying Yes" to celebrate wellbeing & health. The world's leading honey brand will celebrate this special day to increase global consciousness of living a better, healthier, and happier life. To mark the eleventh anniversary of Global Wellness Day, Geohoney is offering an exclusive discount of a flat 15% off on a wide selection of products except signature products to help people live well and to honor choices that cultivate health in all its forms.

This year's GWD theme is "Think Magenta," highlighting the idea that rises amidst the negativity in the world. This year, GWD will be celebrated to bring positive changes in people's lives and add bright colors to their thoughts. Wellness encompasses the absence of illness and experiencing a healthy and fulfilling life. Major dimensions that should be focused on this special day & forever are – social, spiritual, physical, environmental, emotional, and mental.

According to Mr. Basem Barry, founder & CEO of Geohoney, "wellness is all about being proactive in life and maintaining balance in every dimension." Walking for an hour, eating healthy food, doing a good deed, avoiding using plastic bottles, getting proper sleep, etc., all lead to good health. The theme of this GWD is not about being positive in life but about bringing real & positive changes in life.

The quest for health is one of the most significant and remunerating tries an individual can set out upon. Living in a condition of well-being can emphatically work on an individual's life, furnishing them with satisfying connections, bliss, and a sense of meaning.

Well-being is something beyond keeping away from illness, in any case. Health includes feeling better in each regard - in mind and soul and in the body. Great health habits also offer the advantages of expanded energy; better concentration; less pressure; more versatility; a less lost time because of colds, flu, infections, and other illnesses; more tranquil sleep; and working on emotional wellbeing.

Mr. Basem Barry further adds that one can stay fit & healthy always by eating the right food products. To help people gain wellness, we are constantly on the go to bring 100% pure & natural honey products fresh from the hives to their table. To support more and more individuals and give the brand's customs to future generations, we are offering a flat 15% off on a wide selection of products except for signature products. This will assist people with fostering adoration for nature and natural items, consequently helping with achieving a healthier mind, body & soul.

Have you been contemplating a change you might want to make that would add to your sense of wellbeing? Or on the other hand, consider taking one of the positive steps GWD encourages. June 11, 2022, would be the best day to take that stride!

Whether you are at the home, office, in the park, or any other place, embark on the most unforgettable journey to achieve wellness with Geohoney. Start taking small steps with their natural bee products and effectively achieve your short and long-term goals for your personal wellness.

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