Expo 2020: World's Biggest Show Is Starting Soon!


Dubai EXPO 2020

Dubai, UAE – September 11, 2021: There is a buzz noticeable all around. This is because; Dubai- 'The city of future' will be hоѕtіng the World Expo іn 2020. Exhibition 2020 will unite various nations and a worldwide crowd of millions, and probably be the best show on the Earth.

Under the banner 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, more than 190 nations will meet up for Dubai EXPO 2020, an occasion that motivates business visionaries. It will permit nations to grandstand their most recent state-of-the-art innovation and change lives as creative masterminds look to handle issues going from environmental change to plastic pollution.

According to Mr. Basem Barry, CEO & founder of Geohoney, this once-in-a-lifetime celebration will be the most significant occasion at any point arranged in the Arab world and is set to invite a huge number of guests. The event will, however, be challenging. This is a result of the sheer size and assortment of what Expo 2020 Dubai will convey.

"We feel Expo 2020 is an excellent opportunity for us to strengthen our business relationships with investors, customers, and suppliers worldwide," he said. This Expo will bring a 360-degree approach to deal with the people of various countries, with all components available to us – promoting, advanced and web-based media, in addition to communicating, on the web and print – cooperating along with a detailed guide of informing customers & investors about our brand, honey products and services that will additionally assemble expectation and fervor.

"Furthermore, people in general here in the UAE have shown extraordinary craving – of course – for such a great event, and that is expanded by the overall interest that is developing each week."

Exhibition 2020 isn't just the first World Expo in quite a while to be arranged in the UAE. Yet, the Middle East, Africa, and South Asian locale truly bring outstanding obligations to the event managers.

Expo 2020 will be held from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. This Expo will offer a chance to showcase our unique varieties of monofloral and polyfloral honey and bee equipment and stay in constant touch with the customers, beekeepers, investors and suppliers. This month's long event is a beneficial approach to generate sales leads and will assist our business to grow globally. 

This month-to-month celebration will go through the term of the Expo, displaying worldwide music, dance and culture conventional to contemporary; from island impacts of the Caribbean, Hawaii and the Philippines to the traditional rhythms of Bangladesh and Tanzania. Expo will mark the association of people and artists from various regions all across the world. Along with this, Expo 2020 will also witness melodic styles and social articulations with main events.

We believe that Expo 2020 Dubai will act as a launchpad to exhibit our innovative technologies. We make significant efforts to create bee-safe zones where our important pollinators can find healthy water, shelter, food, and safety. We are all set to let people know about the technologies and workings we use to save the bees and be a part of the global movement.

We look forward to this Expo and seeing the people know about our brand and be a big part of the solutions, advocate the bees, and maybe our great partner in saving the bee population and our ecosystem.

This Expo will indeed offer one more brilliant example of why the UAE sets the bar so high in the domains of resilience, opportunity, versatility, development and maintainability. This Expo will be a game-changing milestone in handling the many difficulties humanity faces and hopefully leave an enduring physical, reputational and social heritage for the UAE.

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Anne Muyano
2 years ago

Yes, This will be amazing.

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