Raw & Organic Honey: Is There A Real Difference Between The Two?


Raw & Organic Honey: Is There A Real Difference Between The Two?

Honey is a sweet natural ingredient produced by honey bees and is loaded with healthy plant compounds that offer numerous health benefits. However, there is a controversy about which honey is better for optimal health. In a world where the bee population is declining rapidly, we have become more concerned about this liquid gold more than ever. 

Given this concern, we generally purchase honey that is better for the climate and not simply the one that arrives in a charming bear-shaped bottle. But, be that as it may, what is the distinction between raw honey and organic honey? 

Purchasing honey at the supermarket has gotten somewhat hard. Is there anything on the mark that we ought to be searching for? Is it safe to say that one honey is healthier than the other? Let us read on below to know more about the potential issue between them, the inconsistencies between them, and which one is superior and why.

What is Raw Honey?

Raw honey is actually the honey "as it exists in the colony of bees." The honey was acquired by extraction, settling, or stressing. Above all, the honey hasn't been subjected to heat past pasteurization, which is typically around 95 degrees. 

Raw honey can be handled and processed by simply straining it to take out small amounts of beeswax and honey bee body parts. This causes the honey to have a more fluid consistency, and as long as it isn't overheated, it stays nutritious.

What is Organic Honey?

Honey marked as natural as per the USDA was produced using a honey bee farm that adheres to the natural domesticated livestock standards. These principles express that the hives should be liberated from synthetic compounds or situated far away from any present. Additionally, the blossoms that the honey bees will get nectar from can't be splashed with chemical substances, and the honey bees can't be given any antibiotics. Organic honey is additionally strained and never heated after pasteurization. 

How Does Raw & Organic Honey Look?

Raw and organic honey is generally thick and opaque, particularly contrasted with the transparent honey in retail stores. In addition, raw and organic honey both have a cloudy yellow tone since they have not been heated to the degrees as much as regular honey is subjected to. Thus, it isn't easy to show the difference between them. 

While the heating process condenses the honey to be simpler to utilize, it strips off its regular advantages. This is the reason it's pivotal that both raw and organic honey should never be overheated. 

Which One Is the Best to Consume? 

So, when it comes to shopping for this natural sweetener, raw or organic honey are great choices compared to other commercially accessible, pasteurized honey. But it is always recommended to opt for organic honey over raw honey. While they are almost similar in looks, some minor differences separate the two. Though no legal guidelines distinguish the two, both of them bought from a genuine honey brand as Geohoney can be pretty sweet additions to your pantry. Shop now!

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Jonalyn Daniel
2 years ago

I like the taste of raw honey more.

Alex A
2 years ago

I have used it with hot tea.

Rufeda Hammad
2 years ago

Well, raw honey is one of the best quality honey from geohoney.

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