Find Out Why Clover Honey is in High Demand


clover honey-high demand

Clover honey is one of the most popular kinds of honey, it is the most sought after honey and has witnessed a surge in consumption world over. This kind of honey is made by bees that feed on clover flowers. Depending on the time of harvest, the color of clover honey may vary between extra light amber and white. Clover honey tends to have a flowery aroma. Mild in taste, it is prone to early crystallization. The reason for its quick crystallization is because; it has higher glucose levels than fructose.

The benefits vary depending on whether the honey came from red clover or white clover. The benefits of clover honey are that it is used as an antiseptic, it is diuretic, it is depurative, it is anti-diarrheal, it is an expectorant. Geohoney recommends that clover honey be consumed in different ways like as spread or be taken with cereal. If you plan to take clover honey as a medicine, it can be used as a sweetener for tea or coffee. Clover honey makes a perfect combination with blue cheese or Gouda. Clover honey can also be taken with nuts and dry fruits.

Mixing it with yogurt, avocado or Aloe Vera makes it best to be used as a moisturizer for improved skincare. Not all honey is made equal; clover honey comes from clover blossoms. Other kinds of honey tend to be more robust. Geohoney believes the wide-scale commercial utilization of clover honey helps in nourishing the soil too, a win-win situation for both the farmer and the consumer.

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