Five Absolute Benefits of Raw Honey with your Daily Coffee


Benefits of Raw Honey

Coffee is among the most loved beverages of all time! With the immense benefits of coffee for health, coffee is also proven to enhance our cognitive abilities and keeping our brain more alert. Additionally, there is also an alarming fact which suggests that many youngsters add extra sugars to make the coffee sweet and to lessen the bitterness of the coffee. Agreed that some of like our coffee as dark, yet there could be immense benefits of adding honey to your coffee, which may be surprising too! Geohoney suggests that coffee’s abilities and the benefits increase by adding a teaspoon of raw honey instead of sugar for the following reasons:

1. Naturally burn your calories: 

Caffeine and Raw honey, both help in boosting the metabolism. It helps in burning calories as these ingredients activate unused fats in the body. Moreover, the usage of raw honey is also proven to reduce or nullify the cravings that processed sugar gives you; hence, elevating spikes in your blood sugar. Furthermore, since raw honey tastes sweeter than sugar, it must be used in reduced quantities, which itself reduces your calorie consumption compared to that of sugar. Coffee also suppresses the appetite (decaf), which is another way to keep the invitation to overeat at bay.

2. Health benefits multiplied

It is highly satisfying that raw honey is the only sweetener that contains immense health-benefits. Processed sugar ensures empty calories, and raw honey brings minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory flavonoids, proving to be beneficial to your well-being. A teaspoon of raw honey increases your antioxidant intake naturally while delivering that enjoyable sweetness.

3. Perfect taste combination

With so many varieties of raw honey, our favorite being white honey, and the SIDR honey-Doany, it almost makes perfect combinations and your regular coffee to a whole new taste. Imagine the addition of natural tinge of flavors like fruit, caramel, spice, or nutty undertones, and that’s just a sprint. For something sweet and creamy, you must try Geohoney’s natural white honey; for a smooth caramel flavor, go for Yemeni SIDR honey! These perfectly complement the bitterness of your coffee. Raw honey, like good quality specialty coffee, is a gourmet taste adventure, until you find the one that tastes right for you.

4. Multiply your energy with immunity

Caffeine is known to increase energy for a healthy person. Coffee may often be tempting to survive a busy day or raise your energy bars before the gym. Works for some, of course, but we need to be meticulously careful before adding any extra caffeine content to our routine, and not to become over-reliant on coffee, which is another major cause of mild insomnia. Some people even complain about feeling anxious after consuming a lot of coffee. Well, that’s natural because when your body is unable to utilize the extra energy, it becomes anxious! By adding raw honey, give your body the slow-releasing energy that could mean you are not reaching for another caffeine hit to sustain you.

5. Natural cough remedy

Raw honey inhibits the microbes responsible for causing infection. One study depicts a significant decrease in coughing, more than the group using prescribed steroid medications. It is because coffee has caffeine that is a bronchodilator (breath stimulator) and is also anti-inflammatory. Raw honey contains antibacterial properties, and it can help boost your immune system and fight those viruses. 

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3 years ago

Honey enhances the taste of my coffee.

Morgan Sonier
3 years ago

Worked great

Steven J. Pallotta
3 years ago

It's a matter of taste

Nicole Rymarz
3 years ago

Super flavorful & tasty

3 years ago

Will Purchase Again

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