Geohoney Announces Special Offer For Ramadan!


Ramadan offer on honey products by Geohoney

Dubai, UAE - March 24, 2022: Geohoney, the leading honey supplier globally, has announced exclusive offers for Ramadan this year, giving honey lovers an excellent opportunity to buy exceptional honey varieties at amazing discounts. The 2022 Ramadan campaign will be launched throughout the holy month on old & new Geohoney products. 

All UAE & worldwide customers will be able to benefit from Ramadan offers. Under this offer, which is also contingent on the stock with limited availability, customers can avail of up to 15% off on selected items. Geohoney doesn't stop here! A huge discount of a flat 35% is also available for the customers who have enrolled in the 12-month loyalty program. 

Mr. Basem Barry, founder & CEO of Geohoney, says, "I would like to send my best wishes to all customers in UAE and worldwide. May this holy month bring good health, prosperity & togetherness to you all! Ramadan is indeed the most sacred month of the year. In the holy Quran, it is mentioned that God revealed the verses of the Quran, to Mohammed, on a night known as "The Night of Power." Furthermore, it is a month of gift and festivity when people treat their friends and family with gifts of their choice. 

Our discounts and offers are designed in keeping with the pious occasion and the emotions of gratitude. We offer probably the best and most treasured honey varieties at excellent prices so that you can enjoy the festival more healthily. Our raining discounts on storewide products to our customers will make them feel unique. They will like to give their loved ones wonderful little treats generally through the holy month".

Featuring monofloral & polyfloral honey varieties sourced from numerous locations worldwide, followed by a wide range of chocolates, honeycomb, beeswax, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, and more, Geohoney brings numerous products that are perfect to offer your family & friends.

As the past two years during the COVID-19 pandemic were quite challenging, Geohoney always looked for new ways to celebrate goodness, instill optimism & provide solace to worldwide customers by delivering them 100% pure, natural, and untreated honey products & help them stay healthy & strong. 

Geohoney celebrates this never-ending human spirit of aiding, inspiring, and caring for each other through its healthy products and shows how they can raise the spirits of festivals by celebrating it together. 

Wishing everyone a blessed Ramadan!

About Geohoney – 

Geohoney is the world's leading honey company delivering numerous honey & bee products to worldwide customers. Being the only company using patented monofloral technology & AI initiatives, Geohoney offers 100% natural, raw, unpasteurized honey to the customers ensuring the best quality products are delivered to them in the finest packaging. 

Geohoney supports the local beekeepers and lets people get a wide range of honey varieties at the lowest prices. The brand motto is to save nature by saving the bees. Geohoney never compromises with the quality, quantity, taste & packaging of the products, thus ensuring the customers always get the best of what they deserve!

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Bashir Ata' Mifsud
2 years ago

Thanks for this exciting offer and making our holy month sweet with honey. I am a regular customer of geohoney and very much delighted to avail the benefits of this offer.

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