Geohoney Brings Monofloral Honey Treats For Different Body Organs


Geohoney Brings Monofloral Honey Treat For Different Body Organs

Dubai, UAE - May 14, 2022: Geohoney, the leading honey supplier globally, is always dedicated to serving customers the best honey products. The brand has years of expertise in producing 100% pure and raw monofloral honey that offers health benefits. Geohoney has made it extremely easy for customers to search for the perfect monofloral honey type for their specific body organ.

There have been thousands of questions in the purchasers' minds regarding the nature of honey. To put consumer questions at rest, Geohoney assures customers about the quality of honey products and encourages them to buy their certified, organic, and raw honey products at the lowest prices possible.

Specific Monofloral Honey for Specific Body Organs –

First time in the history of the honey industry, Geohoney has come up with a great approach to help consumers select & buy honey products according to their needs. The quick & easy search option offers the customers convenience to order the right product for different body organs. Many people don't know which honey type is best for which body organ and thus consume regular honey. But, to avail of the benefits, it is essential to buy suitable monofloral honey as per the requirement of the body organs like the respiratory system, digestive system, brain, skin, nervous system, circulatory system, etc.

According to Mr. Basem Barry, founder & CEO of Geohoney, "we have come up with this unique approach to assist our consumers in choosing only what they need. We have made it easy for them to read and know the benefits of a specific monofloral honey variety. People can also understand the importance of specific honey types of specific body organs".

Adding further, he said, "We believe in transparency and want to assure that our customers get all the benefits they desire. Enabling our customers with the right product reiterates our enduring commitment to trustworthiness, quality assurance, and public health safety. We would continue to work with beekeepers worldwide to promote a safe and healthy lifestyle for people through high-quality products".

Geohoney products are harvested freshly from farms located across the world using monofloral technology, guaranteeing purity and rigorous quality checks. It is additionally compliant with each quality parameter mandated by Food Safety and Standards Authority. In addition, every batch of monofloral honey types undergoes the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance test, one of the most advanced tests on the planet. It is viewed as a gold standard for detecting adulteration in honey.

Honey processing and packaging are areas of substantial possible contamination, so each batch of the final product must be tested to ensure the purity & that the product is entirely unadulterated.

That is not all; Geohoney treats consumers with an exclusive 35% off on all Geohoney products with its all-new loyalty program. Buyers can benefit from such a discount by signing up for this loyalty program at just $1000. Furthermore, on buying any honey product or Himalayan salt lamps, they will get a 35% off on every order for the next 12 months.

Geohoney is intently working with the whole team to carry positive change to the community and deliver people only the best quality honey products to stay fit & healthy forever.

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