It's Raining Discounts At Geohoney On World Environment Day


World Environment Day offer on honey products

Dubai, UAE - May 26, 2022: On the upcoming occasion of World Environment Day and with its commitment to sustainable growth, protection, and conservation of the environment, Geohoney has come up with great discounts to celebrate Environment Day distinctively. These attractive discounts aim to make people aware of protecting the environment and using only natural products.

Geohoney, a global leader in the honey industry, focuses on the 2022 theme 'Only One Earth.' The company takes a pledge to transform our societies to make them fair and more connected with nature and take necessary measures to heal the planet. Geohoney always takes necessary actions to conserve the environment and encourage sustainable development.

According to Mr. Basem Barry, founder & CEO of the Geohoney group, "As a responsible honey company that is enthusiastic about sustainable development, we move to line up with worldwide sustainability efforts in combating the issue of harming the environment. On this World Environment Day, we promise to take necessary steps in educating the people, protecting the significant pollinators, and delivering people only natural products, a clear reiteration of our commitment to environmental conservation”.

The environment is a vital issue in every country worldwide, and every person should emphasize waste reduction, proper garbage disposal, and conservation of natural resources. Geohoney encourages one and all to take simple actions every day, and combining these efforts will reduce carbon footprint and potential impacts of climate change.

They are focused on responsible care for the environment from which they draw assets for producing natural bee products. Over the past five years, the organization has initiated different programs on sustenance, environment protection, and eco-conscious growth and intends to serve society through science. Geohoney expects to lessen environmental change with a sense of shared liability and has begun following various ways to help save the bee population and keep human health. The organization focuses on Responsible Care as a way to save the planet for its people in the future, as everything revolves around nature.

From backwoods and farmlands to freshwater, seas, and coasts, the essentialness and variety of Earth's environments are the premises of human thriving and prosperity. However, we are corrupting these valuable assets in disturbing ways.

Geohoney is an ideal example of how manageability and productivity remain forever inseparable. The organization isn't just a honey supplier company in the UAE but also for the world. Its increasing current standards on producing and delivering healthy bee products to the people have embraced imagining something unique on ecological targets.

Mr. Barry further says, "From backwoods and farmlands to freshwater, seas, and coasts, the essentialness, and variety of Earth's environments are the premise of human thriving and prosperity. However, we are corrupting these valuable assets in disturbing ways. So, let us all take the necessary steps to preserve them and make Earth a better place to live. To encourage more & more people and give the brand's tradition to people in the future, we are offering a flat 15% off on selected honey products. This will help people develop a love for nature & organic products, thereby assisting in shaping a better & sustainable world together”. 

Happy World Environment Day to All!

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