Geohoney, Makers of Natural Raw Honey Issues Warning to Parents not to Give Honey to Infants


natural raw honey - infant botulism

Honey has been a vital part of the human diet for generations. A small dose of honey can root a world of damage if not consumed at the right age. Not giving honey to infants is a significant preventive health measure, according to B A Barry DMCC, founder of Geohoney, one of the biggest natural raw honey companies in the world. The main concern behind this is infant botulism.

Dubai, UAE – August 26, 2020 - Parents are always concerned about the well-being of their little ones. Living in a cautious society, they all are ultra-protective of their newborn babies. What to give and when to give is a question that goes through their mind always. Exposing the baby to new food items during six to twelve months is another milestone as they want their infant to get enough nutrients and vitamins necessary for their growth and development. UAE’s National Health Service has indicated that it is not advisable to give honey in any form to infants under twelve months of age. Pediatrician recommendations state that babies can consume honey once they are over a year old, and their first set of teeth has emerged completely. Geohoney, the world best honey suppliers suggest that honey pacifiers can also be dangerous for a baby below twelve months of age. Natural raw honey is enormously beneficial for children; however, it can prove bad for infants.

“The major risk of including honey in the diet of an infant too soon is Infant Botulism. Honey consists of bacteria spores known as Clostridium Botulinum. Botulism is a severe condition caused primarily by this bacterium and attacks the body’s nerves.” The bacteria clostridium is found in soil and dust that contaminates the honey, and when consumed by the babies can cause food-borne illnesses. However, botulism is a rare condition but a risky type of poisoning that affects the baby’s health. Generally, the first sign of infant botulism is constipation, typically followed by floppiness, weakness, and difficulty in sucking or feeding. It is necessary to seek medical help if the baby shows any such symptoms. Infant Botulism symptoms usually show up within 08-36 hours of eating contaminated food.

According to B A Barry, “Consumption of natural honey after a prescribed age provides instant relief from colds, the flu, and coughing. It strengthens the immune system of the babies and acts as a natural aid for sleep and eczema. It is the storehouse of multivitamins, essential amino acids, and minerals that effectively support regular bowel movements and enhance the health of the digestive system.

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