Geohoney to Contribute to Honey Researches Soon


Contribute to Honey Researches

Dubai, UAE – June 6, 2020 - With the recent advancements in technology, there have been an immense increase in the researches being carried out in the field of honey and its utility and production. From an ancient era when medicine began to be officially utilized for curing wounds and diseases and ever since the existence of medical literature, honey has been an inseparable part of it. Today, when honey is such a vital ingredient in most of our routine for its ample benefits, it is evident to see progress in the research area about this wonder liquid. Moreover, the complex procedure of honey creation has been enticing various scholars to carry out experiments and derive fundamentally essential results in this regard. There has also been ever rising curiosity about the honeybees, their lifestyle, their methodologies of honey production, their memory system, and their eating habits which ultimately lead to honey.

While producing and distributing the world’s best honey, Geohoney team also came across a few unanswered questions, which they thought needed to be answered for an enhanced production of honey and for the betterment of bees. Mr. Barry, the founder of Geohoney understood the necessity of researches and deployed teams to progress the studies and find out what could help the society. He also introduced Geohoney Researchers which will be an aid for honey enthusiast, the cultivators, and students, to understand, read , and find out all the studies that has been carried out on honey and honeybees till now. “Geohoney researchers will prove to be beneficial for those who seek answers about honey, and it will enlist the researches from only trusted sources so as to keep it highly authentic and avoid any kind of irrelevant material. We think of it as the honey world which has everything about it and only it-” said Mr. Barry on being asked to speak about the upcoming additions in Geohoney website. He added further “we are conducting our own researches to find out undiscovered area in this field and intend to publish all of the material for the public and enthusiasts to read and progress.”

Geohoney’s initiative to provide the valuable knowledge about honey may enhance the people’s awareness about the bee contribution in our everyday life along with their alarming death rate. It is time now that we save the bees and let them enjoy their lives and support them by studying their lifestyle and the things which lead to their betterment so that we can not just enjoy our favourite diet supplement honey, but also essentials like apple and other flowers and fruits which can only sustain and grow through bee pollination.

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