Why Is Manuka Honey So Expensive?


manuka honey

Unlike many kinds of honey, Manuka honey is among the rarest honey and the only honey which is essentially tested in laboratories before the dispatch for the customers to use. This is because it musthave the exact concentration of Leptosperin, Methylglyoxal, and DHA. These are in turn the compounds which make the Manuka honey more efficient and beneficial for use. Moreover, this honey is almost as thick as wax and hence only one spoon is enough to provide you enough of the required nutrition which may be equal too around three spoons of other honey.

Real manuka honey is expensive also for the reason that its occurrence and creation is very subjective and requires a lot of efforts which adds on to its cost. Here are few of those:

  1. Manuka honey is made only once bees entirely pollinate the manuka flower:

To create real mono-floral exclusive manuka honey, bees must pollinate and be fed on solely the manuka flower and not on any others. When bees feed on other flowers along with Manuka, it leads to multi-floral Manuka honey which is very low in nutrition and quality as compared to the mono-floral one.

  1. The manuka flower blossoms only 2-6 weeks per year:

The short flowering span of this plant is yet another specific reason of price raise. Bees only have as little as 12 days to collect the nectar from these flowers to get the honey for the entire year. Moreover, it takes bees around 22,700 trips to the Manuka Flower to collect the nectar required to make a single jar of honey, hence they have to work a lot within a limited span and beekeepers have to essentially track this period.

  1. The manuka flower is native to only few parts of New Zealand

Apart from having a short blooming window, these plants only grow in specific microclimates in New Zealand, usually in the isolated hills and forests which becomes even more difficult for the creation of manuka honey. This wild plant is very sensitive to human interference, so the further away the Manuka plant is situated from human contact, the healthier the Manuka Flower, bee colonies and Manuka Honey.

  1. Not all Manuka honey have specific compound ratios exclusive to real Manuka honey:

Even the collection and production of manuka honey with all the troubles stated above, there is no assurance that the compounds will be in the desired ratio. Hence, it is the only honey which is tested in laboratories which adds to its cost.

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Best quality manuka honey, i really like it!

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I am forever grateful for this product and its producers!

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Nice scent. Heals quickly!! Using it in my face due to cystic acne and I am seeing results

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Heals quickly!! Using it in my face due to cystic acne and I am seeing results

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