Geohoney’s Brings Epic Shopping Experience This Eid


EID offer on honey products by Geohoney

Dubai, UAE - April 30, 2022: Celebrating the auspicious festival of Eid, Geohoney, the world's leading honey supplier, announced exclusive offers for its consumers. These exciting offers and attractive loyalty program benefits with up to 15% off on all honey products and Himalayan salt lamps are a sure treat for the customers.

Eid is the time of blessings and joy and a time for distributing one's wealth. The Eid celebrations include morning prayers and people greeting each other with "Eid Mubarak," signifying "Blessed Eid," and formal hugs. Sweet dishes are prepared at home, and gifts are given to kids and those in need. People gather with their friends and family to show gratitude toward God following the previous month of reflection. Ramadan and Eid's festival serves as an excellent reminder for Muslims to be grateful for what they have and share the things with those who may be less fortunate.

Geohoney makes this festival even more joyous with the pleasant discount of 15% on all products. Adding to the happiness of this occasion, these Ramadan & Eid offers guarantee benefits for consumers purchasing Himalayan salt lamps and premium honey products such as Oak honey, Cave honey, White honey, Wildflower honey, Oregano honey, Himalayan honey, etc. 

That's not all; Geohoney treats consumers with an exclusive 35% off on all Geohoney products with its all-new loyalty program. Consumers can further avail of such a discount by enrolling in this loyalty program at just $1000. Additionally, on purchasing any honey product or Himalayan salt lamps, they will get a 35% off on every order for the next 12 months.

Geohoney's Line of Best Honey Products –

Geohoney is known for delivering its customers only the best quality, 100% pure, raw, and natural honey products. All honey products are harvested directly from the bee farms and packed hygienically into A++ quality glass jars to maintain authenticity & keep beneficial properties intact. In addition, Geohoney is the only honey brand that has deployed patented monofloral technology to maintain the natural contents of the honey. They have been globally delivering more than 200 monofloral honey varieties known to have specific benefits on various body organs.

Geohoney's Newly Launched Himalayan Salt Lamps –

Being a leading honey brand delivering the purest honey worldwide, Geohoney now brings an exceptional range of Himalayan salt lamps to its customers. They have recently launched 120+ designs of Himalayan salt lamps made up of genuine pink salt stone mined from remote mountains of Pakistan. All lamps are beautifully handcrafted, offer a soothing glow, are highly durable, and have numerous health benefits.

Mr. Basem Barry, founder & CEO of Geohoney, says, "Eid is a blissful time for communities worldwide, and we can expect a surge in sales as customers shop our products for themselves and gift their friends and loved ones. By offering customers phenomenal worth on their favorite honey products and lamps, we are making it simpler for them to invest more time celebrating with their family and, this way, making great moments for them every day."

Geohoney is closely working with the entire team to bring positive change to the community and deliver people only the best quality products to make their festival even more memorable & healthier too.

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