Geohoney's New Version App Loaded With Great Features Is Launched Now


Geohoney New App Version Launched

Dubai, UAE – October 22, 2021: Geohoney, the global honey brand delivering its natural, organic & raw honey products in several countries worldwide, has launched a new version of the app for its iOS and Android users. Unlike other news apps, Geohoney has developed enhanced features to help customers search, select and order their favourite honey products in a hassle-free manner. Following a soft launch earlier this year, the app already has a significant number of downloads and averages a 4.5-star rating on both the Apple and Android app stores.

The new versioned app's capabilities include an exciting feature for the users to delete their account data from the app once they have availed the services. Thus, it emerges as an excellent option for people to secure their details. Though the brand guarantees to keep all the details safe and not to share publicly, this app allows users to remove such necessary details from the company's data easily. Right after the launch of this one of a kind honey app, results have shown high levels of user engagement on the app. 

As the brand is always looking forward to offering customers the ease & security of ordering the products, it keeps on enhancing its website & app to achieve the desired goals. Recently, Geohoney has successfully brought QR codes to their website and mobile applications, offering the customers an option to look and select their favourite product through the product menu. The idea behind empowering this component is that clients can scroll, select and order their #1 honey products by rapidly scanning the QR code. 

Delivering farm-fresh honey harvested from more than 500 locations worldwide, Geohoney allows consumers to buy pure and natural honey products at the best prices. This feature-rich mobile app provides a simple way to search, order and pay, helping worldwide consumers who use the platform to eat healthily and save more money than ever before. 

Geohoney doesn't stop here in treating their customers! The brand has also introduced a new payment gateway system (Google Pay & Apple Pay) for both Android & iOS users. As a result, Geohoney is set to alter the way consumers pay for their purchases and transform payments in a way never seen before. 

Moving on to the next feature in this new version app is the FedEx shipping integration. As shipping is the final touchpoint in the customer journey, this integrated feature will prove to be an excellent opportunity to build loyalty with the B2B audience. In addition, this feature will be highly beneficial in achieving a seamless shipping process that benefits the company and enhances the customer experience. 

According to Mr. Basem Barry, Founder & CEO of Geohoney, the new version of the app will catalyze Geohoney's entirely new focus — transforming how consumers search, scan and order their products online through this feature-rich mobile app conveniently. This app is a significant additional step in the many changes as the company establishes itself as a leader in the honey industry.

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