Honey – A Vital Supplement to Get You through Dark Phases


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Depression is a common problem in today’s day and age. Mental break downs are a common trend leading to psychiatric and physical disorders. Many a time such cases go undetected and even if someone seeks treatment, they eventually quit it due to high costs. And then there’s talk on the several side effects of anti-depressant drugs. Depression often leads to poor quality of living and severely hampers a person’s day to day functioning. People also develop suicidal tendencies making them prone to an early death. Does this bring to the mind of whether there is a natural remedy to escape this Rabbit hole they term depression? Geohoney shows how?

Honey is the few insect-derived products said to possess therapeutic, traditional, spiritual, nutritional, and cosmetic value. This article shows how honey could be the healer for psychological complications. Honey has a high amount of physiologically active natural compounds is being researched to investigate its nootropic and neuropharmacological effects. Geohoney came across a few studies on understanding the effects of honey as an antidepressant. Certain kinds of honey reduce brain oxidative stress, increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and acetylcholine (ACh) concentrations. It also reduces acetylcholinesterase (AChE) in the brain homogenates.

Research conducted on this natural sweetener shows how honey is a promising treatment for depression. Honey is said to stabilize mental conditions in 3-4 days after initiating it in your diet plan. Further study is being done on understanding how honey could help alleviate stress and mood disturbances. Geohoney found studies that showed how raw honey, when taken alone or with some bee products like pollen or with other plant products like barley powder, can help a person overcome depressive and anxiety symptoms. 

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P. Pearson
3 years ago

It was worth the price to me.

3 years ago

Delicious and soothing

Louis Jackson
4 years ago

I've personally been through episodes of depression, those were tough times but I still face bouts of depression which is a major challenge for the safe functioning of my mind and body. I am very thankful, I came across this article. Never knew honey had a role as an anti-depressant.

Atlaaf Rashid
4 years ago

Really nice and useful article!

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