Honey and Black Seed: Know The Benefits Of This Superfood Combination


Honey and Black Seed: Know The Benefits Of This Superfood Combination

Black seed (Nigella sativa) is a flowering plant local to Asia and the Mediterranean. Its seed has been extensively used in medications for a long time. Black seed may have impacts in the body that assist with supporting the immune system, battle cancer, forestall pregnancy, diminish swelling, and reduce hypersensitive responses by acting as an antihistamine.

People usually use black seeds for asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, hay fever, skin inflammation, weight reduction, female issues, and numerous different diseases; however, there is no solid evidence that proves and supports these uses. An interesting randomized-controlled trial has even proved that black seeds can alleviate COVID-19 symptoms within six days. 

But did you know how this superfood offers excellent health advantages to the body? Since black seeds contain truly remarkable things like linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid to the human eating regimen) and palmitic acid (most typically found in butter and palm oil). 

Black seeds additionally contain essential things like amino acids, arginine, aspartate, and glutamate. In addition, these seeds have iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, thiamin, niacin, pyridoxine, folic acid, and calcium. But is this magical ingredient enough to provide the full health benefits? Why not combine it with another natural superfood, i.e. honey.

Honey, as well, has been used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes since ancient times. This is because it has a high flavonoid and phenolic acid substance that makes it go about as an incredible antioxidant, forestalling oxidative damage to cells caused by aging, environmental exposure and diet. 

Organic raw honey likewise is also rich in antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer benefits. Also, even though it's mostly sugar, honey positively affects diabetes, clarifies various studies published in journals. Honey has an exceptional hypoglycemic or blood sugar lowering capacity that might help in the management of diabetes.

Honey protectively affects the gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. Honey can even be a great natural product for athletes to gain instant energy during an event.

Exceptional Benefits of Black Seed Honey –

Black seed honey is a valuable healing tool and works well in treating upper gastrointestinal issues. Regular consumption of it helps in improving indigestion symptoms. Apart from this, taking a spoonful of black seed honey relieves long-term discomfort, stomach ulcers, etc., caused by the H. pylori infection.

Black seed honey can also be used for topical healing applications due to its rich antibacterial properties. It exhibits a bacteriostatic effect, preventing the growth of bacteria and could be an excellent alternative to antibiotics for the treatment of ulcers, wounds, and cuts.

It works effectively in enhancing cardiovascular health and helps in fighting cancer, diabetes, inflammatory conditions, infertility and neurological and mental illness. 

It is advised to use certified, organic and best-quality black seed honey to avail the health benefits. Explore the entire collection of numerous honey in Dubai products available at Geohoney to pick the best. So, know the real deal about your meal by including nutritious black seed honey in it.

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