Honey and Its role in Cancer Prevention


Organic Honey in Cancer Prevention

The problem with the known treatments of Cancer is that they are toxic. Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy pose serious repercussions on the body. This makes us think about whether there are natural remedies to serve this problem. Honey is one such naturally occurring substance that is being researched to know how it could prove beneficial in the treatment of cancer. Although the functioning of honey as an anti-cancer agent is yet to be understood. Geohoney believes honey being apoptotic, antiproliferative, antitumor necrosis factor and antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, estrogenic, and immunomodulatory in nature help cancer patients recover from the damage.

Latest advancements in the treatment of cancer focus on interfering with specific targeted molecules. Whatever advancements we speak about, all of them have side effects that seem to take a major toll on the human body. Geohoney finds honey ticks all the right boxes for implementing it as a useful solution to treat cancer the natural way. For starters, the rich composition of various sugars, flavonoids, phenolic acids, enzymes, amino acids, proteins, and miscellaneous compounds go in favor of it being a harmless remedy.

Honey having phenolic contents makes it potent against leukemic cell lines. The anti-cancer properties of honey adapt well to areas such as breasts, colorectal, renal, prostate, endometrial, cervical and oral cancer. Honey also nullifies the anti-tumor activity of chemotherapy drugs. Honey has proven effective as an anti-cancer agent in animal models and tissue cultures. Cancer claims 11 million victims annually of which 7.6 million die globally. Caused by carcinogens, it starts by the onset of a single transformed cell. Soon it turns out to the swift invasion to the rest of the cells.

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