Honey Extractors: Beneficial Tips For Efficient Extraction


Honey Extractors: Beneficial Tips For Efficient Extraction

Beekeeping is a stunning and compensating hobby from various perspectives. Most beekeepers will concur that harvesting honey is quite possibly the best time and energizing part of the honey bee year. Harvesting honey is unique since it is the point to appreciate the rewards of hard work. The flavors, consistency, and lucidity all address the blossoms of the areas and towns.


But did you know - How is Honey Harvested?

From the hive to you—precisely how is nectar collected? Indeed, there are many elements that go into the process of harvesting honey in Dubai, one of which is the occasional nectar streams. Each season has an alternate nectar stream, and how regularly beekeepers pull their nectar relies upon the year. Beekeepers can collect honey in each and every season except if it's really dry. After knowing this, it is equally important to gain enough knowledge about the honey extractors.


What is a Honey Extractor?

A honey extractor is a motorized device that is utilized for the extraction of honey from honeycombs without harming them. The device works via divergent power. The extractor contains a round and hollow drum that holds the edge container, and twirling it around can extricate honey out of the comb. The benefit of this is that the wax and comb stay unblemished and can be gotten back to the honey bees for use. There are normally two kinds of nectar extractors – tangential or radial. The key factor that differentiates both these extractors is how the frames are assembled in the basket.

(1) In Radial extractors, the baskets contain the top bar of the frame that faces outwards.

(2) In Tangential extractors, the baskets have only one side of the comb that faces outwards.

Huge companies that are engaged with the honey extraction business ordinarily opt for radial extractors. They rely upon this slope since it makes it simple for nectar extraction by utilization of radial power applied towards the upper edge of the brush, which is inverse to the heading of gravity while in the hive. The smallest kind of spiral nectar extractor holds two casings, while those utilized by enormous business organizations can hold more than 100 frames.


Profitable Tips On How to Use the Honey Extractors Properly

(1) First & foremost important tip is to always wear a hairnet & clean clothes while extracting honey and the tools and equipment must be washed and sterilized regularly.

(2) Always choose a honey extractor depending upon the requirement. If you are new in the beekeeping business, it is advisable to go for a small-size extractor that can hold 3-4 frames at one time.

(3) The next necessary tip is to uncap the extraction chamber cells. Before the honey is placed in the chamber, it must be uncapped first by using various tools available in the market.

(4) Look for the extractor that fits into your budget, as there are several extractors available in the market that can differ greatly in price range depending upon their use on small scale or commercial harvesting of honey.

(5) When the extraction process is finished, it is necessary to guarantee that the extracted honey is liberated from particles of dead honey bees like legs, wings, and different things. Thus, it is advised to choose filters that can remove these particles and can be washed, sanitized, and are reusable.

(6) The last but not the least tip is to keep the place of extraction spotless and germ-free as beekeeping standards for hygiene are always high.


Since honey is a part of what bees eat to survive, it is a must to have enough honey left so that bees can consume it. Up until now, we’ve covered how to harvest honey, types of extractors & essential tips for the beekeepers for efficient harvesting. With all the time, money and care that beekeeping comes with, it is good to keep certain things in mind that can help in providing honey bees a perfect environment to flourish and in turn assists in improving the fertilization of food crops. Geohoney always stands with the local beekeepers to save the population of these essential pollinators & offer people authentic and natural honey online at the most reasonable prices.

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