Humans And Bees: Researches Have Revealed The Amazing Similarities Between The Two Vital Life Forms On Earth


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Honey bees and human beings are probably different life forms as one can envision. However, despite their numerous distinctions, amazing similarities in the manner in which they associate socially have started to be recognized over the most recent couple of years.

Honey bees, the lovely little pollinators always live in a society, composed of individuals such as a queen bee, worker bees & drones. Various studies have found that the exchange of food takes place between honey bees exactly in the way that we humans do. Apart from this honey bees do communicate face to face similarly as human beings.

The scientists also concentrated on how honey bees showed individual behavior during social collaborations, utilizing certain benchmarks to decide honey bee individuality.  Honey bee interactions— like those observed among people — appear to follow a pattern of hefty followed circulation, which recommends a significant level of variety in social co-operations and individual conduct.

"These little buzzing creatures are social individuals, and it is somewhat uncomplicated to study enormous populaces of honey bees, play out numerous replicates of the examinations, and consequently get the exact measurements.” According to B A Barry, in humans, social interactions is being measured by a number of times a person meets with other people, likewise in honey bees, it is quantified by the number of different honey bees they associate with within a specific time.

In contrasting the honey bees with people, the researchers found that a few honey bees associate more and for longer periods, making them more social than their friends.  Be that as it may, the outcomes seen here may glance very unique in an all the more hereditarily assorted honey bee populace. They have developed their social behavior from the genesis they have come from, just like the humans that have stemmed from the same origin point.

Though these researches are not a complete definitive conclusion, it can be well said as a step closer to finding an answer about more similarities between human beings & honey bees. We, at Geohoney, know that bees have been a great support for our lives & environment, thus we do our best to preserve these little creatures and to upkeep the relation between humans & bees for years to come.  

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Yes, please save this little pollinators as they provide us lots of health benefits.

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