Importance Of Honey Bee Products In Nutrition Regime Of Athletes


Importance Of Honey Bee Products In Nutrition Regime Of Athletes

An active lifestyle, proper exercise routine along with good eating habits, is actually the best way to stay healthy. This is even more vital for athletes. As they train for long hours, a good nutrition regime is a must to enhance their athletic performance. Making a proper diet plan takes extra time and thus it is often neglected. But healthy eating should always be a priority for athletes as it offers great benefits like – 

(1) Prevention from injuries

(2) Strengthens the immune system

(3) Decreases soreness & tiredness of muscles

(4) Heals & recovers muscles

(5) Improves energy levels

(6) Helps in improving concentration levels

Your body needs a well-balanced meal 3-4 hours preceding practice to allow proper digestion of the food by the body. For early morning practice sessions, attempt to eat your food 2 hours before. If you go for the practice session right after your school, college or office, ensure you carry a little tidbit to eat 30-60 minutes beforehand for an extra boost of energy.

But did you ever think of which food ingredient will work best in achieving your fitness goal? This is the place where the significance of natural honey comes in. Honey is the beneficial sweetener & energy booster loaded with natural enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants - just as the honey bees made it! It offers unique compounds & benefits along with natural sugars that are perfect for athletes to enhance their performance. 

Benefits of Honey Bee Products for Athletes:-

(1) Boosts Athletic Performance 

As honey is a superb ergogenic acid, it works effectively in enhancing performance. It assists in maintaining blood sugar levels and may augment exercise capacity by sparing endogenous fuel stores. Apart from this, honey is rich in organic acids, proteins, amino acids, minerals, polyphenols, vitamins, and enzymes that provide athletes quicker recovery time, lower fatigue & increased speed. 

(2) Energizes the Body

Honey is an incredible source of energy with only 17 grams of sugars for each tablespoon. Since it is natural unprocessed sugar, fructose and glucose straightforwardly enter the bloodstream and convey a fast increase in energy. The ascent in glucose goes about as a transient fuel source during an exercise, particularly in longer perseverance works out.

(3) Healthy Alternative to Sports Gel 

To satisfy the carbohydrate needs, athletes usually opt for sports gel. Energy gels available in the market usually contain maltodextrin and glucose to provide a mid-workout boost. Honey, on the other hand, is loaded with vitamins, probiotics, antibiotics, and antioxidants which facilitate energy replenishment, muscle recuperation, and enhancement of performance. It is a great alternative with various health benefits to the sports gel available in the market.

(4) A Great Substitute for Energy Drinks

Store-bought energy drinks are stacked with sugar! It is simpler (and less expensive) to make your own energy drink by mixing two tablespoons of Acacia honey in warm water, and after that add any of your favorite flavors to make the drink tastier & nutritious. 

(5) Re-fuels the Body Post-Workout

Honey adds some promptly accessible carbs after the workout; facilitates muscle recovery and glycogen reclamation after an exercise and furthermore controls the measure of insulin in the body.

After working out, your body resembles a sponge prepared to retain and renew supplements lost during your training session. Fill your body with all essential nutrients every day by swapping super-sweet ingredients with the world's best honey available at Geohoney and we bet you will surely love the difference in your body!

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Cheryl Alcantat
3 years ago

Bee products are healthy and tasty too.

Melissa Penalosa
3 years ago

honey is nutritious as well as tasty. I like it!

Marjorie Loperq
3 years ago

Well, it helps me to boost energy.

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