Is UNFCCC COP27 the “Implementation COP”?


Is UNFCCC COP27 the “Implementation COP”?

The COP27 (Conference of Parties) also called the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, began on the 6th of November at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. The focus of this conference aim on the implementation of plans given by Glasgow and Katowice last year, following the Paris Agreement.

According to the sources, the UN climate chief addressed that leaders such as Prime Ministers, Presidents, or CEOs would be held responsible for the promises made at the UN Climate convention last year. The conference held in Egypt is concerned about the actions taken to date not being enough to withstand a global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius. Also, there have been extreme events this year, across the world that flags an urgency in action.

Key Concerns of COP27

1. Efforts put into Emissions or mitigation reduction aren’t enough

2. Current Commitments about climate as per the reports are not adequate

3. The emissions report 2022 by the UN said that earth temperature rise is far above the threshold

4.  A warning of Global catastrophe has been addressed

 5.  A target of not more than 2 degrees temperature rise is set by the Paris Agreement by the end of this            century


Three Critical Areas COP27 decides to focus on:

1. The first is transformation towards Paris Agreement implementation and converting negotiations into visible actions.

2. Second, making progress stronger on crucial work streams of finance, mitigation,      loss & damage, as well as adaptation to handle environmental change impacts.

3. Third, better and enhanced delivery of accountability and transparency principles during UN climate change.


The vision of UNFCCC COP27 is based on human needs

COP27, 2022 has put forth the statement that it is creating a distinctive opportunity for the world to unite. Multilateralism has been challenged by spiraling prices, geopolitics, and skyrocketing financial crises. However, this can be the time to make it work by coming together and restoring trust with the best intentions to elevate our actions and ambition in fighting climatic crises. Presidency wants COP27 to be remembered as an “Implementation COP – where restoration of most bargains was done, which is the core of Paris Agreement” 


Highlights of the COP27 conference

After the opening event on 6th November, World Leaders Summit commenced on Monday and will be finished by Tuesday. This summit will be in the presence of more than 100 Government heads and Royalty. All of them are given the opportunity for setting the stage.

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