Lavender Honey – A Wholesome Honey With Numerous Health Benefits


Health Benefits of Lavender Honey

Whenever we think about eating something sweet that doesn't harm our body, natural honey is always the first thing on our minds. It is not just a sweet-tasting alternative to regular table sugar but offers a variety of health benefits. Raw honey is loaded with beneficial antioxidants that provide strength to trillions of body cells that face ominous threats throughout the day.

Lack of proper nutrition, virus attack, or molecular harm brought about by chemicals called free radicals are only a couple of instances of common dangers to our cells. These stressors eventually harm cells and could even alter our genetic makeup. The body produces free radicals due to changing over food into energy, a cycle known as cell respiration. That's right; it's just part of the process. Thus, our cells are constantly exposed to these cell degrading chemicals.

All honey varieties contain antioxidants, but lavender honey is exceptionally rich in antioxidant content. Lavender honey is produced by the bees using the nectar of Lavender flowers. Lavender is quite possibly the most fragrant herbal nursery, and its advantage has been appreciated for millennia. It is a member of the mint family, the versatile herb commonly used in the kitchen, therapeutically and in natural ointments and aromatherapy.

Egyptians included lavender in their burial procedures, and Romans used it to scent their public showers. The word lavender comes from the Latin action word 'to wash.' It is delicate enough for infants and is on the shortlist of essential oils that can be used directly on the skin.

All About The Properties Of Lavender Honey –

Lavender honey is a sweet-smelling and delicate monofloral variety of honey with numerous beneficial health impacts, prominently antibacterial and antiseptic activity, antioxidant and stomach-related benefits, and soothing properties.

Lavender honey has a clear, exceptionally light yellow color with rich, brilliant undertones and a thick texture. Its appearance is reminiscent of sun rays trapped in a jar. Lavender honey usually crystallizes very quickly. The process makes it solid yet additionally changes its tone, making it turn a paler yellow-beige tone. Although, when honey crystallizes, it is a good sign since it shows that it hasn't been processed. Processing can prevent honey from crystallizing and removes a lot of its advantageous properties, if not most of them.

Lavender honey has a sweet and fragrant flavor and a warm taste with woody, botanical notes and, some of the time, a citrus-earthy faint aftertaste. Its aroma is faintly reminiscent of lavender, so assuming your store-bought honey has a strong smell of lavender, it may be infused with lavender, not original lavender honey. However, due to its medium pleasantness and light, floral flavor, the variety is a great taste experience.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Lavender Honey?

(1) It is Rich in Tyrosine –

Tyrosine is one of the primary amino acids in Lavender honey, used to make neurotransmitters that may help prevent or treat specific conditions involving the brain. It is additionally used to treat depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, stress, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and chronic fatigue.         

(2) It Shows Strong Anti-Candida & Anti-Fungal Activity

Lavender honey has anti-fungal solid properties that were found to be particularly strong against the Candida krusei fungus. Therefore, several types of research are carried out to find whether Lavender honey can be used as a natural remedy for mycotic infections.

(3) It Has Strong Wound Healing Properties -

Both lavender honey and lavender essential oil have been used to treat wounds. The potent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of lavender honey advance wound healing. Topical application of it on the affected region decreases the wound healing time & reduces the risk of further infection and scars. It is also a great natural ingredient to soothe burns, cuts, sunburns, and even insect bites.

(4) It Treats Respiratory Diseases –

The solid bactericidal, mucolytic, and antiseptic properties of lavender honey make it especially interesting to treat several respiratory problems. Consuming it with milk, food, or yogurt can be a useful preventive measure for the sore throat, cough, cold, bronchitis, or flu.

(5) It Cures Ulcers –

The bactericidal capacity of lavender honey assists well in preventing the development of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, the critical factor behind the majority of ulcers occurring in the body, including those in the stomach and duodenum. Therefore, consuming or topical application of lavender honey helps ease the problem caused by ulcers.

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Maysoon Rudaynah Morcos
1 year ago

This sweet and fruity-smelling honey is my favorite one. I use this lavender honey as a sweetener in my cake and muffins. This gives a wonderful taste to them and makes them more nutritious.

Mohammad Abdul
2 years ago

Lavender honey is beneficial for health. For example, its antiseptic properties are helpful for the treatment of respiratory diseases. It also helps cure ulcers.

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