Jarrah Honey – Surprising Benefits Of This Superfood!


benefits of jarrah honey

Bees can create raw honey when all environmental needs are met, including the presence of specific flowering flora. Jarrah honey is a prime example of such raw honey variety that has been widely hailed as a natural remedy and gained credibility in the medical community for its exceptional medicinal uses. 

What is Jarrah Honey?

Jarrah honey is honey made by bees utilizing the nectar of the Jarrah tree flowers. The Jarrah tree also called the Eucalyptus Marginata tree, is from the myrtle family. It's local to the remotest parts of Western Australia.

It is profoundly valued natural healing honey - the Jarrah tree blooms only once every two years. All honey contains naturally occurring enzymes that give honey its antimicrobial properties. However, Jarrah honey has probably the highest potencies of antimicrobial activity globally.

The advantages of Jarrah honey are astonishing and range from cosmetic to the clinical: Studies show that when applied topically, its antioxidant agents support skin-cell turnover as well as collagen and elastin creation; two or three spoonfuls taken by mouth consistently will keep away diseases; it tends to be applied as an ointment to burns and scratches, and it could be utilized as an all-natural therapy for nasty infections like MRSA. Other surprising benefits of Jarrah honey include –

(1) Treats Mouth Ulcers & Beats Bad Breath – Jarrah honey assists well in fighting off the stomach bacteria that lead to mouth ulcers and bad breath. It also works well in providing relief from heartburn and acid reflux.

(2) Helps in Managing Blood Sugar Levels – It reduces cholesterol levels and insulin reaction as it is low in glucose and glycemic index and hence best for the treatment of diabetes.

(3) Assists in Faster Healing of Cuts & Wounds – The rich antifungal & antibacterial properties of Jarrah honey make this honey variety the best ingredient to heal cuts & wounds. The topical application of raw honey on wounds prevents bacterial development and helps cure these skin problems quickly.

(4) Treats Skin & Fungal Infections – The antimicrobial properties of raw Jarrah honey work effectively in treating fungal & skin infections. These valuable properties make Jarrah honey a perfect natural aid to get relief from cold, cough, and sore throat.

(5) Also Beneficial for Horses – Jarrah honey blended in with equine feed is given to the horses with an excess of sand in the stomach. This honey picks up the sand and assists in natural passing through the intestine and effectively treats the condition.

While costlier than other commercial honey varieties, Natural Jarrah honey is more helpful to keep up physical and mental health. In addition, it offers more medical advantages with its antimicrobial properties and natural hydrogen peroxide.

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Nagma Begam
2 years ago

Yes, Jarah honey has many benefits. It is beneficial for people who have diabetes because it helps in reducing cholesterol levels and insulin reactions.

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