10 Ways to Make Raw Honey your Routine


raw honey your routine

Raw honey is credited to reduce the possibility of heart disease; it improves the wound healing process and is even used to treat coughs. Geohoney would recommend going for raw honey if you are looking for major health benefits and its consumption on a regular basis in adequate amounts specific to you. But how and in what ways? Is a big question! And there are infinite theories on how to use honey for this and that! Well, just to help you, here we have compiled a few very simple ways in which you can add honey to your daily routine to help you utilize honey for most of its benefits hassle-free.

10 simple ways to use raw honey between your daily activities:

1. Your everyday biscuits:

Bake the easy clover honey biscuits and carry them everywhere you go and chunck a small bite anytime. 

2. A homemade salad dressing for the healthiest kale salad with usage of raw honey is going to be a perfect breakfast or a starter, especially for health freaks and those who are very health conscious.

3. Give yourself a honey facial!

Once in a month, it is an extremenly good idea to utilize some time to pamper yourself. For a relaxing honey facial, all you need is warm water, raw honey, Kemon, turmeric and coconut oil. Keep warm water aside for washing and rinsing purposes. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and massage gently on your face. If your skin is dry you can mix a few drops of milk as well. Massage in circular motion and leave it for around 15 minutes. Turn on some relaxing music and cover your eyes with freshly cut cucumber meanwhile for a complete relaxation. Rinse your face with warm water and pat dry with soft towel.

4. You can eat chocolate cakes with healthy honey!

Isn’t it amazing to enjoy a chocolate cake yet a healthy one for a cheat day meal? Just follow the simple recipe here and you are done! Use this one to impress your guests as well.

5. Weight reduction:

Drink a glass of warm water with one tablespoon of honey in it, first thing in the morning and you will be stupefied to see the visible results.

6. Clearer and fairer skin everyday:

Use raw honey as effective face wash. Just take a little raw honey, massage gently on your face and rinse. It acts as a healthy and moisturizing cleanser for your skin.

7. Give yourself a hair treatment: 

Massage 1/2 cup of honey into your hair and let sit for 20 minutes (put on a shower cap, plastic bag or wrap with saran wrap, if desired). Shampoo and condition as usual.

8. Boost immunity:

Add raw minced garlic to a teaspoon of honey and swallow it down! Sounds horrible but is a good way to get the healing power of garlic and honey into the body quickly. If you can get a little bit of turmeric in it, you are all set to avoid most of the infections.

9. Treat your burns and relieve pain immediately with raw honey:

Anytime you encounter a burn or a wound, clean it dry and apply raw honey on it directly, its soothing effect and anti-inflammatory properties along with the anti-bacterial ones helps to heal wounds and burns quickly.

10. Use as a substitute for sugar in herbal tea. 

I have also read that honey's enzymes and trace minerals boost the effectiveness of the herbs it is mixed with.

However, be careful in using the honey too much. As is commonly said, excess of anything hurts, after all, what you are consuming has one form of sugar in it. Moreover, be extremely careful when it comes to your kids, kids can’t digest honey so well. Know more about it here. Also, set adequate amounts of honey for you as well and enjoy many benefits of honey in your life. Trying any of the above will also help you boost your mood and keep you active! Try it yourself and buy the purest honey from us.

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