Monofloral Technology – An Effective Approach Revolutionizing The Beekeeping Industry


Things to know about Monofloral Technology

In today's era, technology has reached the most marginalized places on the planet, revolutionizing our way of living and socializing. Daily lives have completely changed all because of the quick access to technology. Presently it is normal to find cell phones, PCs, and Smart TVs, among others, in many places where there were none previously. Also, there are numerous areas of work where the use of technology has extended. Therefore, it is nothing unexpected that it is also now used in beekeeping and honey farming.

Ages ago, it was unthinkable that any technology or device could be used in the field of beekeeping & honey farming. However, with the progression of time, the techniques used in these essential activities have been modernized. Something we have heard these days routinely is the term monofloral technology. Geohoney, the leading global honey brand, is the first to deploy new patented agri-tech initiatives in the beekeeping industry.

What is Monofloral Agri – Technology?

Technological improvement is the foremost requirement for increasing honey production and advanced beekeeping in the long term. Increased consumption & low productivity calls for specific measures to provide enhanced technologies to beekeeping farmers to boost honey production and productivity.

Geohoney has deployed these new & improved agri-tech initiatives to increase the volume of honey production in the region & all around the world. Being the best honey company delivering 100% natural, organic and raw honey products, Geohoney constantly searches for ways to boost honey production by integrating the latest technologies and innovations.

Beekeeping is one of the significant mainstays of food security. Pollination is a vital process for the survival of the ecosystem. Nearly 90% of the plants depend on pollination; more than 70% of the world's food crops and 35% of agricultural land depend upon the pollination done by the bees. However, these significant pollinators do not contribute directly to food security but are essential to conserving biodiversity.

Monofloral agri-tech initiatives have the potential to address several challenges faced by the honey industry sector and, subsequently, change the face of beekeeping. Upsurge in internet usage, smartphone penetration, the emergence of startups, and various government initiatives in rural areas are facilitating technology adoption in increasing honey production and saving the bees.

Bee Engaged!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an undeniable impact on the beekeeping industry for the past two years. The market, production, and livelihood of the beekeepers were greatly impacted. As bees are under threat and extinction rates are higher than average, the traditional knowledge of beekeeping, bee-derived products, and the usage of the latest technologies are a must to save the bee population.

Integrated Solutions –

An unprecedented push towards openness characterizes today's world; collaboration and integration are viewed as fundamental drivers of innovation. While the beekeeping industry is walking lamely somewhat behind other industries, the necessity for open innovation is unquestionable in this sector. Furthermore, modern technologies and AI solutions require the integration of multiple innovations in the areas of, for example, beehive buildup and maintenance, protection of hives, harvesting of honey, and many more things involved in the whole process.

According to Mr. Basem Barry, modern beekeeping solutions require the integration of multiple innovations, and we are facilitating this process with our patented monofloral technology.

Producing a high-quality & 100% natural honey also requires the integration of many beneficial traits such as resistance to bees to biotic and abiotic stresses, higher yield, and nutritional value. We have all the elements in hand to effectively meet the diverse needs of bees and beekeepers worldwide, thus giving our customers only the best & the purest honey products.

The difficulties of meeting the honey requirements of a rapidly growing global population are unprecedented. The worldwide challenge to deliver "more with less" requires creating and incorporating agricultural innovations, which Geohoney perfectly adopts.

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Fatima Shaikh
2 years ago

Yes, Monofloral Technology is effective for the Beekeeping industry. Nice content on Monofloral Agri – Technology.

2 years ago

Yes, monofloral technology is very effective for the beekeeping industry. Nice info on Monofloral Agri – Technology.

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