QR Scan Feature: Unveiling The Easy Way Of Ordering Geohoney Products


QR Scan Feature

Dubai, UAE – September 27, 2021: QR scanning has become widely popular these days. These codes can give more data about the products or services without sweat, and the data rapidly goes to the user's gadget. Essentially, QR codes advance collaboration and commitment through the mobile phone. Geohoney, the leading global honey brand, always finds new ways to help customers get the purest honey products easily & quickly. And this time, they have come up with this whole new exciting QR scan feature on their website. 

As the Geohoney brand is bringing QR codes to their website & mobile applications, customers would now be able to scroll through their products menu that will be searchable from any supporting, third-party camera applications. The thought behind enabling this feature is that customers can scroll, select and order their favorite honey products by quickly scanning the QR code. This new feature will make it easier for people to scan and make them less reliant on the tedious searching and ordering of honey items. 

How Geohoney Will Get Benefited by Using QR Scan Feature?

(1) User Convenience – QR codes give a helpful one-step measure for guiding clients to search for their favorite products in specific categories.

(2) Financially Savvy – QR Codes cost nothing to deliver; your promoting technique just restricts their utilization. 

(3) Adaptable – QR Codes can be coordinated with a broad scope of promoting materials for pretty much any reason, including websites, applications, etc. 

(4) Device Independent – QR codes and the landing pages they are linked to can be seen on all popular mobile phone models and don't need uncommon advancement for various platforms (for example, iPhone and Android).

(5) Quantifiable - Actions set off by means of QR Codes can be calculated through web analytics for advertising campaign measurement. 

(6) Competitive Advantage - Because QR Codes are still moderately new, the individuals who are quick to utilize them in their outreach campaigns will separate themselves as pioneers in strategic marketing of honey products. 

How Do QR Codes Work?

A QR Code works by basically checking the code with a cell phone outfitted with a camera and QR Code scanner application. These applications can be downloaded free of charge on popular smartphone platforms like iPhone and Android. 

When the QR Code is scanned utilizing the device's camera, it is converted into opening the significant products menu to select and buy honey products online.

According to Mr. Basem Barry, Founder & CEO of Geohoney, "QR codes can revolutionize the branding and marketing campaign. This feature will help the company with raising versatile promoting and showcasing endeavors. As the market today is dynamic, and a large portion of the things are virtual, adding this new feature on our website is a viable method to reach and connect with the clients directly. It will fundamentally help in developing our web presence. In this way, QR scan features will potentially benefit our company and will prove to be an extraordinary approach to drive brand commitment. We are pretty sure that these outcomes would be remunerative for our business.

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Oh WOW...! easy to use now.

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