Raw Honey – A Natural Home Remedy For Blood Bruises


Raw Honey – A Natural Home Remedy For Blood Bruises

We often get blood bruises on our bodies due to some kind of injury. When the tiny vessels underneath the skin get harmed by abrupt injury, the blood gets caught under the skin. This causes blood spills into the adjacent tissue and makes the skin turn purplish dark, which is referred to as an injury.

What Is A Bruise?

Injuries can be tough to treat as the injury is generally under the skin. Since the blood has nowhere to go, it gets caught under the skin and pools, framing a dark-colored spot on the skin that is sensitive to touch. This is a bruise, also called a contusion, and it's not permanent because your body reabsorbs the blood after some time and the bruise completely.

Besides, how long it will require recuperating altogether relies upon the responsiveness of your skin. Fortunately, there are many home remedies for bruises. Unfortunately, hurrying to the pharmacy or the doctor for each injury is unrealistic. One best way to manage these bruises is to take care of them at home.

However, before we seek the best home remedies for bruise removal, let's understand a little more about them –

Many natural remedies such as honey are powerful in treating subcutaneous bruises that influence the shallow layers of the skin. Hematoma and inflammation are the two most regular types of subcutaneous bruising. Hematoma refers to skin discoloration, wherein the vessels in the under-skin layers are harmed, and the skin turns a range of colors from blue to red, yellow, and purple. Inflammation refers to swelling, which may or may not accompany a bruise.

Whether people have a swollen face, wounded arm, or knee, the vast majority observe bruises as unpleasant. Often, they're nothing serious, yet realizing how to get rid of bruises faster is a popular topic.

Apart from this, it is surprising that bruises can also be brought about by nutrient deficiencies, bleeding disorders, or certain medications. Women also typically get bruises easier than men.

How Long Does It Take For A Bruise To Heal?

It usually takes about 2-3 weeks for a bruise caused due to a minor injury to heal. However, depending upon the severity of the bruises, healing time can be longer. Also, before a bruise goes away completely, it goes through several stages of healing.

Is Raw Honey Effective In Curing Blood Bruises?

Honey has soothing effects on the body, along with healing properties. It is suggested to take 2-3 drops of honey and gently massage it into the bruise. Honey sinks deeper into layers of the skin and speeds up the healing process. Using honey like buckwheat honey for massaging improves local circulation, fastens dead cells' removal, and prevents further blood spots. Apart from this, the antioxidants present in natural honey help promote cell regeneration of cells and, thus, in quicker healing of bruises and reduce inflammation.

There is a quick trick to prevent bruises. The good news is that most bruises are innocuous, and there are home remedies such as honey to decrease their appearance and assist them with recuperating quicker. Most topical products are safe to try but don't take oral supplements for bruising without conversing with a doctor first.

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Honey is the best home remedy for the treatment of injuries and wounds

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