Raw Honey Buying Guide – Fruitful Ways To Choose The Real One


Raw Honey

All of us have heard about the wonderful benefits of eating honey. Presently that sugar addiction is proven, an ever-increasing number of individuals have started opting for honey to fulfill their sweet tooth. While trying to make a healthy & natural swap, it is not enough to consume loads of honey jars. How could that help alone?

The main reason behind this is not all honey is created or prepared equally. Various types of honey available in the supermarket or online stores are modified and processed. This type of honey lacks the nutrients & minerals that make it pure, real & healthy honey. But how to understand that the product standing on your shelf is better from those available in the market & how to know if it is raw?

Heating honey during packaging is a typical practice among beekeepers and commercial honey business. During the process, honey is heated up to 170° which helps it to flow easily through channels all the more rapidly, preventing it from crystallizing, and makes it clearer. Unfortunately, this practice moreover eliminates the essential nutrients that make it healthy. This pasteurization process, in addition, removes all the beneficial pollens. This is other words mean that the clearer the honey & visually appealing more it is healthfully poor when contrasted with the raw honey.

Honeycomb is extremely rich in carbohydrates & antioxidants and has raw honey as its essential component. This raw honey is undoubtedly a hidden treasure with loads of health benefits like –

(a) Powerful remedy to treat skin problems

(b) Acts as a natural hair growth booster

(c) Lowers cholesterol & risk of heart diseases

(d) Helps in losing bodyweight

(e) Works best in healing wounds & treating infections

(f) Helps in curing sore throat & cough

Apart from knowing all the above benefits, it is equally important to know which honey is the best. Raw organic honey, however, is said to be the best one!

Though we all are aware that raw honey is very beneficial for health, how to test the purity of raw honey?

To find a perfect solution to this question it is a must to carefully check the label of the honey jar assuring that it mentions organic, pure, and raw. Although this is not enough to ensure that the product is pure. Here we have curated a list of different ways that prove honey is pure, raw & organic.

(1) Thumb Test: This test is done by putting a drop of honey on the thumb. Spread it on the thumb & see if it spills or stay on the thumb for a longer time. Pure & natural honey is extremely thick in nature and does not flow easily whereas the processed honey easily spills down.

(2) Water Test: This purity test is performed by putting a drop of honey in a glass full of water. Pure honey never gets dissolved in water rather it settles down at the bottom. On the other hand, if the honey is artificial or impure it will get completely dissolved in water.

(3) Flame Test: In a flame test, the purity of honey is checked by bringing a matchstick close to the honey. Pure honey starts burning when the fire is brought near to it, whereas artificial honey doesn’t burn.

(4) Blot Test: Take a piece of cloth or blotting paper and check the purity by pouring the drops of honey on it. If the honey flows smoothly without leaving a stain or wet mark, it is definitely the purest honey. Opposite to this if the honey gets absorbed in the cloth or blotting paper is shows that the honey is not pure or has some adulteration.

The above are some basic and easy to perform tests that give an idea about the purity of honey. It is also advisable to read the ingredients list & check the customer reviews before buying a particular product so that you get the organic raw honey along with the amazing deals. Buy the purest & finest quality products from Geohoney and consume it every day to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way. Let’s all be grateful to the lovely little bees for this wonderful gift from nature.

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Sally E. McDowell
1 year ago

I love honey but had always been worried about the adulteration. I believe in organic and natural honey but don’t want to bring something harmful to my home. Luckily I found this blog that gave me information about the ways to check out the purity of honey. So whenever I bring honey home, I check its purity before using it.

Joseph Ilalim
3 years ago

Organic honey is the best kind of honey.

3 years ago

Very useful content.

3 years ago

I have choosing Geohoney products as it offers pure taste.

3 years ago

Informative content as it provides proper information about honey quality test.

3 years ago

Helpful ideas to buying right and healthy products. And yes, GeoHoney always offer quality products.

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