Unknown Benefits Of Propolis To Make Hair Strong And Healthy


Unknown Benefits Of Propolis To Make Hair Strong And Healthy

Hair loss and thinning is common problem that people are facing these days. Dirt, pollution, unhealthy diet, excessive use of hair styling tools and chemicals all lead to hair problems. People spend huge money every year to reverse or stop hair loss. While more common in men than women, balding is also turning into a developing issue in women.

While nutritional deficiencies are positively a contributing variable to balding in all kinds of people alongside thyroid issues, hair loss's specific reason and treatment still can't seem to be found. For example, an overabundance of DHT in men can prompt male pattern baldness, and studies have shown that poor nourishment and inadequacies in specific supplements like biotin, protein, zinc and iron can cause thinning hair. But have you ever heard that propolis could help in reducing hair loss?

How Does Propolis Benefit Your Hair?

Propolis has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties. It naturally has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antifungal properties that help maintain physical and mental health. In addition, due to its rich anti-inflammatory effects, it could promote the growth of cells that contribute to keeping up the hair health.

(1) Prevents Hair Loss

One of the real propolis benefits for hair is that it prevents balding. Going bald and hair loss is major issue for some people. It is known that inflammation is the primary cause of a few types of hair problems. Various studies have proposed that propolis promotes the growth of healthy cells responsible for maintaining hair strength and shine.

(2) Regrows Hair

Propolis hair treatment is known to increase hair growth cells. Hence, researchers conclude that propolis treatment can reduce the risk of balding. A subsequent report published in 2016 also found that propolis increased hair length and resulted in a more significant percentage of hair follicles.  

However, there is no propolis-based shampoo is available in the market. Here are some beautiful ways that you can consider to stop hair loss using propolis.

(i) It is good to add 5 - 10 drops of propolis extract to your shampoo whenever you wash your hair to strengthen your hair. 

(ii) Another way to take advantage of propolis is by consuming it in capsules. 1000 mg - 2000 mg per day for inflammatory conditions such as hair loss is usually recommended.  

(iii) Stop using chemical-based hair care products; instead opt for organic raw honey based hair masks, which boost hair health and strength.

(iv) Besides, adding bee pollen to your diet also results in faster hair growth.

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