Which Honey is the Best to Buy? Proven Ways to Judge the Authenticity of Honey Products


Authenticity of Honey Products

Esteemed for centuries as a natural sweetener and for its medical advantages, the overall honey demand is continuously developing. Today we witness progressively serious honey bee cultivating strategies joined by the broad utilization of insecticides inside the business farming. Along with the loss of their natural habitat these elements structure a savage arrangement of purposes behind the decimation of bee populations.

As the recent figures show a great decrease in the population of bees, certain questions usually arise in our mind. Which honey is the best to buy? Is the honey we are buying pure? Which is better between raw honey and organic honey? Where to get the best quality honey? These are probably the most common concerns which picking the jar of favorite honey!

Every type of honey has healthful advantages. Being rich in proteins, enzymes, anti-oxidants, and anti-bacterial properties, honey lowers the risk of allergies, infections, skin problems, etc. and helps in balancing the free radicals in the body. Several delicious recipes & desserts like honey coconut tart, honey apple tea cake, honeycomb sponge cake, honey chocolate cake & cookies etc. can be made with this lovely natural sweetener. But above all while moving on further into the process of buying the best honey it is a must to know –

How to identify superior quality honey?

All types of honey come with some specific characteristics that are a must to check ensuring you get the finest-quality natural honey.

  • Sweetness –

Nowadays, many food products are being sweetened by adding corn syrup, including honey too. It is necessary to read the jar label to know exactly what you are buying. Many honey products contain glucose, sugar syrup, dextrose etc. that means you are not buying pure honey but are paying for honey-flavored corn syrup. Thus, make sure to purchase natural honey from a trusted source.

  • Water Content –

Many of us accept that great quality honey basically has low water content as honey is probably going to mature and lose its newness if its water content, which can be estimated utilizing a device, called refracto-meter.  All unpasteurized, raw honey contains wild yeasts. Because of the high sugar fixation, these yeasts will present little chance in low dampness nectar since assimilation will draw adequate water from the yeast to drive them into dormancy. However, if honey has a higher extent of water, there is a higher possibility that the yeast may cause fermentation in storage that later on causes a quality issue for the product.

  • Processing Time –

Besides water content, the processing is another key factor that ought to be considered when honey quality is being referred to.  High-quality honey is slightly processed, which implies it should just be warmed up and stressed a bit only. This lets the honey keep the entirety of its minerals, anti-oxidants, enzymes, and nutrients.

Apart from water content and minimal processing, there are several other things to consider while buying honey. Be sure to read the label that mentions if the honey has flour, starch, dextrose, preservatives content, etc. Check carefully and go for the one that is free from such contents and beneficial for health.

  • Pollen Content –

We often think that great quality honey should always be clear and clean. Honey that includes pollen, articles of bees, wax, etc. may seem unappealing for anybody to purchase, and consequently it shows as if it is cheap or of low value. In actuality, honey that has pollen content is of the best quality. While picking up the honey jar, the clearer it looks the more processed it is. Thus, for buying the best quality honey look for the one that is less clear i.e. it is pure and least processed one.

  • Color –

Natural honey comes in various colors, from dim earthy colored to light yellow. The color relies upon the flower source the honey bees were utilizing to make the nectar. Shading is certifiably not an indication of the honey quality. With time honey can change its tone, gotten more obscure, which can influence the flavor. Also, the color of the honey can be acquainted with the harvested season.

Spring, acacia, clover honey etc. represents light, clear colors. Wildflower honey comes in a cheerful yellow color, etc.

  • Crystallization –

Honey does not solidify or crystallize during the initial three months from when you first open the container. Nonetheless, this fluctuates for various sorts of honey. There are specific types that can take a long time to solidify while others may take shape very quickly but are of acceptable quality. Crystallization is likewise influenced by water content which can show that the nectar is of lower quality.

It is exceptionally hard, even for the specialists, to recognize common, unadulterated honey from its contaminated counterparts. Various methods of testing nectar quality can be discovered on the web, yet the assortment of types and sources makes it hard to frame an arrangement of rules for separation. As a purchaser, you can either have faith in food marks or get it from a believed source like your local beekeeper.

  • Consistency –

Natural & pure honey comes with delicate consistency. Pure honey easily gets absorbed in the skin and is pulverized between the fingers. On the other hand, adulterated honey forms lumps when grinded on the fingers. Before buying your favorite honey type, make sure to buy its sample from a genuine UAE honey supplier.

If you are in search of the best quality natural honey, you have wide range of possibilities. Make sure to read all the labels carefully before picking up a honey jar for yourself. Buy the purest & finest quality honey from Geohoney and consume it every day to sweeten your day & improving your health. It is a wonderful gift from nature, be grateful to the lovely little bees!

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