White Honey: What You Need to Know About Origins, Benefits, and Price


White Honey: What You Need to Know About Origins, Benefits, and Price

White Honey: What You Need to Know About Origins, Benefits, and Price

You can find a lot of different types of honey in the market, each offering a different flavor and nutritional content. The color, taste, and specific nutritional benefits of honey are based on the flower from which it is pollinated. 

This blog explores a unique and fascinating type of monofloral honey that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and several other healthy nutrients. White Honey is among the tastiest and healthiest honey types that is adored by honey lovers across the globe.

Here is what the founder of GEO HONEY and the CEO of BA Barry group, Mr. Bassem Barry thinks about white honey

“I personally find white monofloral honey quite fascinating. It not only looks kind of unique and different from your regular yellow or golden honey, but it also has that creamy taste and texture that you just cannot get enough of.”

So, with this thought, let’s jump ahead and explore the wonders of white honey in detail.

  • What is White Honey?
  • White Honey: Origins and Sources
  • White Honey: Price
  • Health Benefits of White Honey
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Good for Digestion 
  • An Effective Cough and Cold Reliever
  • Prevents Hypoglycemia
  • Wound Healing and Skin Care


What is White Honey?

White honey or raw honey is obtained from the beehives directly without the use of any heating process. Extracting honey from beehives by heating kills off beneficial oxidants and bacteria. This does not happen in the case of white honey which makes it more valuable.

White honey naturally crystallizes into a smooth creamy white substance with a texture that spreads like butter.  

We cannot characterize the color of this type of honey as purely white. Instead, it has a very light amber or clear water-white hue which can vary based on the floral source. But regardless of the source, every white honey has a very mild but spreadable smell and a lot of benefits for your health if consumed daily.


White Honey: Origins and Sources

White honey is found in regions that are abundant with sedge, alfalfa, fireweed, and white clover flora sources. The most common type of white honey is obtained from the flowers of the Kiawe tree which is native to Hawaii. Honey pollinated from these flowers has a very distinct white creamy texture.

White honey is also found in the mountain forest of Kyrgyzstan. Honey found in this region gives off a crimson-white hue owing to the natural selection of flowers by the bees.

You can also find white honey on the Indonesian Island of Sumbawa. The pure white honey produced in this region is believed to have many healthy effects in terms of child growth and disease prevention and treatment.


White Honey Price

The price of monofloral white honey may differ based on the manufacturer, purity, and product weight. In UAE, you can buy 450 grams of white honey for about AED 480.

When buying white honey make sure to always consider consumer reviews and the overall reputation of the producer. Some producers tend to artificially crystallize the honey to give it a creamy white texture. Be aware of such sellers and only choose honey that is naturally crystallized to get the maximum health benefits.


Health Benefits of White Honey

White honey is rich in valuable vitamins and minerals. Its nutritional contents include Vitamins A and B, calcium, potassium, and zinc. All these healthy components make white honey a valuable addition to your daily diet.

Following are the main health benefits of white honey that make it an ideal choice


  1. Powerful Antioxidant

White honey contains flavonoid and phenolic antioxidants in greater concentration. These compounds protect your body from cell damage by fighting free radicals. By lowering the damage caused by free radicals, white honey slows down the aging process and reduces the risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


  1. Good for Digestion

White honey is also effective in the prevention and treatment of ulcers and diarrhea. It can reduce stomach pains and improve your overall digestive system health.


  1. An Effective Cough and Cold Reliever

Humans have been using honey as a natural remedy for seasonal allergies for centuries. You can also use white honey to treat cold symptoms like sore throat and coughing. Its soothing aroma and healthy contents make it an effective natural remedy for cold. You can drink it with lemon in a hot tea or simply mix it with warm water and drink slowly to relieve cold symptoms.


  1. Prevents Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia or low blood glucose level is a serious issue that affects athletes commonly. During intense physical performance the body consumes carbohydrates in greater amounts which lowers blood sugar levels. 

One tablespoon of white honey contains about 17 grams of carbohydrates and slow-burning fructose. This gives athletes an energy boost allowing them to exercise, train, or perform for longer periods.


  1. Wound Healing and Skin Care

White honey contains natural antiseptics that can kill fungi and harmful bacteria. Moreover, it is also rich in phytonutrients which are known to beautify your skin and promote faster wound healing. The benefits of white raw honey for acne-prone skin make it an essential ingredient in many cosmetic and skin-care products. 



White monofloral honey is a nutritional wonder and its light but delectable flavor is just a cherry on top. Apart from being a popular choice of sweetener in baking, this honey also brings a lot of benefits to your health.

From treating digestive issues to healing wounds and from relieving cold symptoms to providing your skin with the best care, white honey can do it all. So, consider adding white honey to your diet if you plan on eating healthy without compromising much on the taste and flavor of your recipes.


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