Why Preservation of Bees is Important?


Preservation of Bees

Bees are undoubtedly one of the most important species in the world, however, we don’t realize it often. Bees make a direct contribution to the number of crops. The flowers would eventually attract bees and help them procreate. There are many plants and vital crops that depend on existence of pollination to reciprocate. We need to bow down to bees for providing the services that usually are unaccounted for. That’s why it is a great idea to plant bee-friendly plants in different areas of your city. The major reasons for preservation of bees are:

  • They are top pollinators: They account to about 70% of the entire pollination taking place. If bees are gone, you’d miss out on a lot of food products that rely on bee pollination. Example, apples, one of the most important fruits come from pollination. Statistically, the experiments suggest that after all bees disappear, humans will become extinct in only 6 months. This calls for an urgent need of bee preservation.
  • They make food for other animals: Few animals also rely on bees to produce their chief food supply. Critters are the ones who majorly rely on bees for food. And these are very important for our food chain.
  • Bees ensure you get a variety of foods: You might begin to get sick from the same food, neither do you get replenished in all the required nutrients. Honeybees are responsible for a large number of fruits and veggies.
  • Bees pave a path for a better economy: If bees did not exist, certain kinds of food will vanish from the phase of our planet. Geohoney is well aware that many beekeepers rely on bees, and that one needs to pay close attention to how many crops are being sold in the market that directly depend on bees. Hence, Geohoney buys it directly from them and hence supporting them directly.
  • They are the reason to find aesthetic beauty on our planet: Without bees our landscapes would look dull and boring, flowers illuminate our cities and towns with intricate designs and patterns. They have been on planet since a long time and they add to the flowers and gardens in our surroundings.
  • Bees can sense TNT and other explosives: Bees are like crime dogs, with proper training people can train them to detect dangerous devices.
  • Bees make honey: A colony of bees makes a lot of honey, a healthy syrup which is a natural nutrition provider to the body. Geohoney states that bees have been using the same process to make honey for 150 million years.
  • Bees are helping humans understand health issues like dementia: The brain cells of bees are surprisingly close to that of humans. With age, both the human and bee brain is prone to decreasing efficiencies in learning. Bees could, therefore, be used for scientific purposes.

Now that bees have been really supporting our lives and environment in so many unavoidable ways, we along with Geohoney, the world’s best honey business, must ensure the preservation of honeys in every possible way.


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