Raw Honey vs Regular Honey


Raw Honey Vs Regular organic Honey

Honey is a thick and sweet syrup; it comes loaded with healthy plant compounds and is linked with several health benefits. But this brings the question as to which type of honey is better, raw honey or the regular one. Some believe raw honey to be best for health, while others believe there is no difference between the two. Raw honey exists in a beehive and is extracted from honeycombs of the hive and is later poured over a mesh or nylon cloth to separate honey from impurities like beeswax and dead bees. The unprocessed honey is then strained and then sent for packaging in bottles.

Regular honey, on the other hand, follows several more steps before it is bottled, which includes pasteurization and filtration. Pasteurization is a process that destroys the yeast found in honey by applying heat. This helps in increasing shelf life and makes the honey smoother. Filtration further reduces the impurities like debris an air bubble. This is to ensure that the honey stays as a clear liquid for longer. However, filtration can also get rid of beneficial nutrients like – pollen, enzymes, and antioxidants. Raw honey’s nutrients are preserved because processing activities are minimal, and no filtration occurs.


Raw honey Vs. Regular Honey

Both these kinds of honey are processed differently. Quality differs significantly.

  • Raw honey tends to be more nutritious.
  • Regular honey doesn’t have pollen.
  • Regular honey may have hidden sugars or sweeteners.
  • Regular honey’s shelf life is more, and it is smoother.
  • Raw honey’s market time is less. Hence, it can be readily available.


Health benefits:

Raw honey is attributed with reduction in risk factors for heart disease, wound healing, and even to treat coughs. Geohoney would recommend going for raw honey over regular honey if you are looking for major health benefits and its consumption on a regular basis in adequate amounts specific to you. Visit Geohoney and buy the world’s best unprocessed honey which is 100% organic and chemical free now!

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1 year ago

Now i already know their difference and benefits.

Aliyah Amatullah Nader
1 year ago

Before reading this blog, I didn’t know that raw honey and regular honey are two different types of honey. But now I am well aware of the distinct qualities of each of them. When ever I go for buying honey, I demand for raw honey.

Jamal Shah
3 years ago

I prefer raw honey because it offers lots of health benefits.

Rocky H
3 years ago

i like both the flavors((:

hassy gibs
3 years ago

Nice information and awesome taste..

Nancy Brown
3 years ago

Very good information and awesome taste...

S. Mathew
4 years ago

Informative, nice blog!

Marhisa Qureshi
4 years ago

Good article about raw honey!

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