World Rainforest Day: Save Forests And The Planet With Geohoney


World Rainforest Day - Save Forests And The Planet

Dubai, UAE - June 17, 2022: World Rainforest Day is celebrated across the world on June 22. The day, as the name proposes, is seen to commend the presence of rainforests and raise awareness regarding preserving this integral natural resource. As a stepping stone forward to preserving nature, Geohoney is motivating people to protect natural resources by offering them a great discount on natural honey products.

Tropical rainforests play an outsized role on the planet, having the most incredible variety of species, storing more carbon in total than some other terrestrial system, and supporting the majority of the planet's "uncontacted" peoples. As a result, rainforests are among the most dynamic and notable environments Earth brings to the table. They are also vital for the endurance of the planet and its life; they haul carbon dioxide out of the air and deliver oxygen, cleaning the air we breathe.

Geohoney, the leading honey company in the world, is working continuously to raise awareness among people and offer some practical advice to them so that they can make a difference in some of the world's most important ecosystems: rainforests. As forests are the vital source of about 1.6 billion people living worldwide and offer a safe habitat for 80% of the world's biodiversity, it becomes essential to save them.

According to Mr. Basem Barry, founder & CEO of Geohoney, "the COVID pandemic has taught us many things. First, it showed us that fossil fuel byproducts could be diminished assuming we change our ways of life.

To save the rainforest, we need to redo our reality, which implies making individual moves that can add to an aggregate effect. We should investigate a portion of the things we can change immediately."

Deforestation, through the change of land for different purposes, for example, agribusiness, has sped up the ongoing environmental crisis. Timberland debasement is likewise an enormous benefactor through unreasonable collecting, mining, and foundations. In the Amazon, for instance, timberland debasement is dominating complete deforestation. It has increased the probability of both backwood fires and regular consuming cycles turning rapidly crazy. Moreover, increasing temperatures and outrageous intensity dry out biological systems to the place of excessive weakness. Geohoney is thus joining hands with various organizations to stop such harmful activities and make the world a better place.

As a nature enthusiast, Mr. Barry says this World Rainforest Day can be considered an essential opportunity for transforming individuals and their thought processes towards the planet and all-natural resources. Therefore, they should participate in activities where everyone can share their bit of knowledge to amplify the benefits of this special day and work towards saving rainforests in any possible way they can.

How Is Geohoney Celebrating World Rainforest Day 2022?

The leading honey brand is educating more & more people in various ways to contribute to the preservation of rainforests. As a true environment lover, Mr. Barry always encourages people to use only organic, environment-friendly & natural products. This actually reduces the cut down of rainforests, helping them flourish and supporting the lives of people there.

Geohoney being an environmentally concerned company, sets aside its benefits to support efforts to save and shield the Amazon rainforest and different regions where they can improve the quality of life. Apart from this, the brand is working with beekeepers worldwide so that all customers can get the best honey products, along with the assurance that neither the bees nor the forests are harmed in the entire honey production process.

Also, the brand never misses a chance to offer the purest honey products at the best prices. So this World Rainforest Day, avail flat 15% off on a wide selection of products except for signature products and make this day worth remembering.

At last, Mr. Basem Barry says, we are on the edge of a severe ecological crisis. Understanding that tropical rainforests are essential to our planet's environment is vital. They are the key reason behind the oxygen we inhale and the home for many species. Without their assistance, the Earth could confront serious consequences. Now is the ideal time to understand this critical concern and take a strong move.

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Gloria W. Wymer
1 year ago

Rainforests are called the lungs of our planet. It provides the necessary oxygen as well as absorbs a vast volume of carbon dioxide. And most importantly it hosts huge biodiversity. It has to be conserved at any cost. On this occasion of World Rainforest day, I pledge to support this noble cause. But I know it clearly that “ The Time is Now ”

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