Fixing Acne Issues with Unprocessed Honey


Unprocessed Honey for Acne problems

Besides serving benefits like immunity boost, alternative for sugar, low calorie diet supplement, etc. raw honey has also proven highly beneficial for skin care. As much as it acts as an applicant over skin and treat the acne, as much it helps to reduce the root causes of acne by oral consumption. Both the ways are described in detail here.

Raw honey as external treatment to acne:

You can use honey as a cleanser to prevent breakouts accounting to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. With its antibacterial and exfoliating properties, Kashmiri honey is among the best natural honey to deal with acne prone skin.  For a more effectivesolutions, raw honey can be left on skin to help them heal faster. For blemish fixing you must try dabbing a little raw honey directly on the spot. For easy application, sweep on a small amount with a cotton swab. Let the honey sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. You can as well keep the honey applied on your face for longer durations.

Raw honey as internal treatment to acne:

Raw honey proves to be beneficial in enhancing moods and hence helps in controlled hormone regulation which in turn proves to be a way to healthy skin. It has been observed that unregulated hormones have been a root cause to the acne break outs which generally arise due to stress and other bad mood days. In such cases, oral consumption of unprocessed SIDR honey comes to rescue. GeoHoney has observed that raw honey has helped enhance moods and opt you out of dark phases and hence helps in acne-reduction. You can try including honey in your diet on a regular basis for this.

In both ways, raw honey acts as an effective skin care remedy for acne-prone skin. There are multiple other supplements you can try for reducing the acne, however, doing it the natural way with organic honey helps to avoid the possibilities of the side-effects which you might otherwise encounter due to the chemical effects. GeoHoney promises to serve you the best SIDR honey which is 100% chemical free. Hence, if you wish to buy raw honey online, trust Geohoney and get solution to your acne problems as well!

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Messy Robin
3 years ago

If you have acne problems then unprocessed honey can be effective.

P. Martin
3 years ago

No, it's not honey, bu it's a great product

Talisa A.
3 years ago

Liquid Gold.. for acne!

Susan jack
3 years ago

Yes! its truly information..

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