GeoHoney loyalty program to increase the honey consumption for people across the globe


Geohoney loyalty program

“Honey consumption is the need of the hour as today is the time when the requirement is maximum for an immunity boost. There is also a decline in honey consumption due to the increasing prices of quality honey.”

Dubai, 4 July 2020: Amid the COVID pandemic attacking the world dramatically, along with the focus rising towards immunity-boosting supplements in the society, people have drifted towards aligning the eating habits for all as a safety measure, honey consumption is among one of the most advised guidelines relating to its vivid benefits including anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and immunity-boosting properties. 

Understanding the increasing demands of customers for raw honey and honey-based products, Geohoney introduced a loyalty program to benefit the customers and encourage them to increase their continuous usage of honey by giving them another big pocket savings of 30% flat on almost all their purchases over a year for a nominal registration charge.

Customers need to register themselves on Geohoney and signup for the loyalty program. They then receive a unique coupon code on their registered mail id and phone, valid for 12 months, on an unlimited number of purchases. The customer must apply the code during the checkout to avail of the 30% discount on the entire purchase. However, this loyalty program's benefits do not extend to products already on sale or discounts. 

Since the very day of the launch itself, the customers are utilizing the benefits of this program in large numbers. Mr. BasemBarry says, “We just wanted to give our customers more reasons to choose honey for their routine, and hence we came up with one more reason for them, making the most beneficial liquid honey more affordable.” He added, “Providing 30% to our loyal customers was a difficult decision as there are almost negligible profit margins remaining for us as a business; however, our visions and values made us ensure that honey usage rise is most important for humans now. As expected, it has not just promoted the honey usage among people but also encouraged them to continue the usage in the long run.” 

People must benefit from this loyalty program in large numbers and must also try to increase their honey consumption as per the adequate suggested honey quantities. Raise your raw honey intake and see the difference yourself. This will help ensure the prevention of being attacked by viruses and the risks of infection, and also help you to stay energetic throughout the day.

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