Honey Benefits are Incredible on Regular Usage - Geohoney


Honey Benefits are Incredible on Regular Usage - Geohoney

“Time and again, honey proves to be beneficial for medicinal purposes apart from holding immense dietary, beauty, and immunity enhancement benefits. The history of honey usage for treating wounds in war is older than that of medicine itself.” 

Dubai, UAE – June 19, 2020: The regular usage of raw honey has been advised by the practitioners since the early era, and the usage of honey has always been efficient. Moreover, raw honey has a long tradition, not only in Western medicine but also in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. There are frequent references to raw honey in sacred texts. However, in medieval times, unprocessed honey was not a prevalent subject of the medical theory, and hence, there is very little written documentation on honey usage in that period. Nevertheless, very interestingly, there are recurrent references to honey in sacred texts worldwide.

Geohoney found such references and studied them thoroughly with the conclusion that honey has been beneficial in not just medicine but also in regular usage. Some common benefits of honey include the boost in immunity, enhancement of mood, anti-inflammation, and anti-bacterial effects on skin, growth and smoothening of hair, etc. The anti-inflammatory and anti-emetic properties of honey make it a powerful anti-microbial substance. Catering to this effect of honey, there have been references to contexts where raw honey was applied to the wounds of the soldiers in wartime as a cure, accounting for its healing properties. 

Recent studies suggest that when raw honey is used on a regular basis, the results are incredible and can be visible to even a layman. Mr. Barry, in an interview, said “There have been several studies supporting the benefits of honey for the body, yet the usage of honey is unexpectedly lower in comparison to what it should be! People have yet not realized the immense strength of raw honey on regular usage. Even during the pandemic times, like those of COVID, honey benefits can be seen, and adding to that, we have seen an upsurge in the honey demand. However, for the same reasons, unfortunately, honey production is now suffering. Besides that, I must urge the youth and the elderly to start a routine consumption of raw honey after consultation as per your body requirements, and I am assured, you shall notice the results yourself!” 

Nevertheless, the time is now, if you have not started honey consumption already. Get the purest honey and include it in your routine and notice the changes in your everyday life. 


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