Organic Honey – Natural Remedy to Soothe Sunburn Instantly


organic honey - skin care

Honey is a great ingredient that does wonders for the skin in one way or another! It has been an integral part of the lifestyle for centuries. It not only adds great taste to the food but is also one of the best natural ingredients that are loved by the skin.

Right from being used as a sweetening ingredient in cooking to being used as a treatment for various illnesses, the credibility of bee honey as a magic potion has remained unwavering. Popularly known as a power source of vital nutrients, organic raw honey has undeniably been a favorite of all for well-defined and obvious skin benefits.

Everyone wants to have flawless looking skin, but what if it gets sun-burnt?

We all love to have spotless skin and can do anything to make it shine. But, one thing that we usually don’t care about is using SPF from time to time. Along with this, yet we never want to have red, patchy, or peeling skin. Despite the health warnings about excessive exposure to sunlight, many of us still subject our skin to the burning rays. However, the occurrence of sunburn depends on the three major factors namely skin type, intensity of sun rays, and time-period for which the body is exposed to the sun.

What are the common signs of sunburn? The most common sign of sunburn includes redness, swelling, and blisters. Moreover, different people may experience different symptoms like fever, nausea, headache, and weakness.

Is honey a natural home remedy to treat sunburn?

Of course, honey is a good home remedy to treat sunburns. Being a great moisturizing agent for the skin, it provides essential nutrients to repair the broken tissues. The antibacterial properties of honey eliminate the risk of infection and reduce swelling and redness.

After knowing the great benefits that honey offers to treat sunburn, it is equally necessary to know about the right way of applying it. Spread a spoonful of best organic honey to the affected part of the skin and cover with a muslin type cloth for a few minutes. It stops the honey from dripping and allows the skin to breathe.

Make sure to wipe off the honey with a moist cloth and in a gentle way. Applying it directly to the sun-burnt skin gives quick and better results.

Honey is loaded with lots of enzymes, antioxidants, and antibacterial properties that enable it to seep inside the skin making it soft and moisturized. Applying honey regularly on the skin offers the amazing results that will surely give a healthy, glowing and younger-looking skin for you to flaunt.

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Lovely Medina
3 years ago

True, natural honey works great for glowing skin.

Shamme John
3 years ago

organic honey are effective on suntan problems.

Gail N.
3 years ago

Very Nice Honey Flavor

Paul K
3 years ago

Great honey!

M. Varner
3 years ago

Awesome diagnosis..

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