Raw Honey for Children: Boon or a Bane!


Organic Raw Honey for Children

Honey with its multiple benefits may allure your attention towards imparting its very many benefits to your kids. In their growing age, parents are very much excited to see the quick growth step-by-step and to provide them the health supplements that can aid in the same. Having said that, honey being one of the most naturally healthy supplements for growth along with varied benefits like curing allergies, boosting immunity, and providing a healthful alternative for the white sugar, parents are highly enticed in using raw honey for the children’s growth years.

Hey! But pay attention that it’s highly shocking that honey, any kind of it, according to the World Health Organization, by any chance, should not at all be served to infants below the age of 12 months, in any form. The reason being the risk of infant botulism that can occur due to the consumption of honey or anything with honey in it. This is because botulism spores can be found in honey, which, when swallowed, releases a toxin. Infants' systems are too immature to prevent this toxin from developing. Studies suggest that the spores are not harmful themselves as they are in a dormant or inactive state. In the case of adults, the spores die early as they do not survive the acidity in the stomach and the beneficial organisms present in the body destroy these spores. That is not so with babies. They have immature digestive tracts, specifically designed to only digest their mother’s milk. It then gradually matures for the other foods as the age increases. In the infant’s case, the spores grow into Clostridium bacteria and produce a toxin which gives rise to botulism. These botulism needs to be taken very seriously as infants might even die in the worst scenarios.

As the children grow and reach the age of two years where they start consuming other foods and start having proper milk teeth, the honey can be added to their diets in small amounts. Well, understanding that honey can as well be a bane to your growing kid, Geohoney, the world’s best honey business, after a long study, suggests that just before you start serving the raw honey to a kid, ensure to do an allergy test. You must as well consider visiting a paediatrician and know well about the effects of honey on your kid’s health.

However, if used wisely, it has been observed that honey is beneficial for children over 2 years and the following benefits of honey can be noted specifically for the growing aged kids:


1. Relieve coughs & colds

2. Promote a healthy digestive system

3. Help heal wounds faster

4. Natural multivitamin

5. Strengthen the immune system


Geohoney suggests the usage of raw honey over regular honey for children because of the natural benefits and nutritional value that gets lost with regular honey. Bee Honey is among the most useful ones for children. It is a must to ensure that you get natural and 100% organic honey for your kids because it is about their growth. Geohoney is a one-stop destination for all your wise honey investment. Hence, visit them and get all your raw honey or honey products with quality assurance and chemical-free guarantee.

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Rosi Lavina
3 years ago

raw honey helps in different ways for kid.

Grace jack soin
4 years ago

Honey has good vitamins for children...

sabrina kaif
4 years ago

Great blog...

zareefa Naifeh
4 years ago

Honey is, however, safe for children as their digestive system is mature enough to expel the bacteria through the body...and useful for children.

4 years ago

Great article on healthy supplements!

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Nice Blog!

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